Classy organizational storage is the way to go!  Our AIPG Cosmetic Bags give you options and versatility, allowing you to match your accessories the way you so desire.  Our 100% polyester, durable, and lightweight bags come in two sizes, allowing you to maximize or minimize your accessories while on the MOVE. 


Our AIPG Cosmetic Bags remind us how BLESSED we are to store our products in a secure place with the option to match them to our wardrobe, purse, wallet, mask, etc., at our beckoning call.  While at the same time supporting a Divine Movement of God to be a BLESSING to ourselves and others as we move forward in the Spirit of Excellence.


Available Sizes:


Small:  4 ½”  x  8 ½” 

Large:  7 ¼”  x  12 ½”



Our AIPG Cosmetic Bags are ideal for daily use when traveling, going to the gym, any indoor or outdoor activities, and storing cosmetics, pens, charging cables, cell phones, shaving items, jewelry, nail polish, pencils, pens, and so on.  More importantly, it keeps you from spending precious time searching for misplaced items.


Give a gift of love to yourself or another; you deserve it!


AIPG - Favor Collection Cosmetic Bag