Have you ever gone out of your way to give someone something they really need, only to have them turn up their nose, because it was NOT what they wanted, envisioned, or placed a request for the next thing on their list?  Or, better yet, it caused you to question your giving or leaving you depressed?  And then, on the other hand, you helped someone with something so simple, costing you much less and they were so grateful, leaving you ecstatic?  Of course, everyone will experience this periodically, and this is the reason for the As It Pleases God: Gratitude Journal.


When becoming grateful for all things, you will better prepare yourself to receive the Heavenly Blessings most would overlook.


If you keep track of your Blessings, in a moment of discontent, you are able to reflect on what is written in your Gratitude Journal to counteract the hidden desire of discontentment.  Why?  Ungratefulness causes more people to miss out on their Blessings than anything known unto mankind.  How is this possible, especially when the Bible speaks about the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life