Are you tired of moving wrong or landing at a dead-end?  Do you want to begin making the right moves, leading you into Purpose on purpose?  Or, better yet, are you tired of being overlooked, ignored, or mocked by those who stopped believing in you?


In the As It Pleases God Movement, we are here to expose the Diamonds in the Rough, helping them shine brightly according to their Divinely Blueprinted Purpose.  Regardless of where we are in life or what we are going through, the As It Pleases God Movement provides that Ray of Hope we secretly seek, satiating the open call to GREATNESS hidden within. 


In making dreams a reality with this revelatory, transformative, and timely information, we pride ourselves in searching for and facilitating the rare but hidden Gifts, Talents, or Callings designed to positively propel us Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually to the next level.


In this book, we do not focus on what is wrong to point the finger at or condemn anyone; instead, we help pinpoint what is RIGHT or how we can get it RIGHT, As It Pleases God.  While simultaneously developing an understanding of what appears wrong to the natural eyes, how it went wrong, or why we need to deal with the wrongful seedlings to prevent further germination.  By developing a positive mindset as such, it allows us to reverse it with a Spiritual Eye, creating a win-win by sharing a few items, but not limited to such:


  • How to use the RIGHT Spiritual Fruits when wrong things happen to maintain our balance.
  • How to make the RIGHT decisions amid indecisiveness or confusion while maintaining our integrity.
  • How to gain Divine Access to the RIGHT information or tap into Divine Wisdom to solidify our Mental Management from the Heavenly of Heavens with the Word of God.
  • How to become RIGHTEOUS with our flaws and mistakes, becoming an inspiration to all mankind.
  • The RIGHT ways to get into the Heart of God with a Cloak of Favor, gleaning Heavenly Knowledge and Wisdom on HIGH.
  • The RIGHT Spiritual Protocols and Principles of the Kingdom of Heaven to provide pristine self-examination.
  • The RIGHT ways to govern our Spiritual Journey when surrounded by a Den of Thieves attempting to block or detour us.
  • The RIGHT ways to deal with False Expectations through situational and self-analysis from a Kingdomly Perspective, preventing us from confusing the dream killer with the Dream Builder.
  • The RIGHT ways to contend with the Seedful Enmity designed to deceive or blind us from the reality of our Divine Design or Blueprinted Purpose.
  • The RIGHT ways to develop and maintain a Roaring Punch with Supernatural Power with our Gifts, Callings, and Talents in hand.
  • The RIGHT mindset to maintain that is pleasing in the Eye of God, especially in the Letdown Buildup phase.
  • The RIGHT things to do, causing all things to work in our favor according to our Predestined Blueprint, earning Kingdom Privileges, As It Pleases God.



With the Divine Restoration encapsulated in the As It Pleases God Program, it is designed to change your life within 40 days, guaranteed!  This strategic compilation of books is designed to bring forth the hidden Elements of Greatness, taking us from the background to the forefront of Divine Illumination, As It Pleases God.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, by aligning our lives how God rightly intended, there is no limit on what the Spirit of God can do for and through us.  According to the Ancient of Days, we are BLESSED to be a BLESSING; thus, it behooves us to leave our unique MARK on the future and the heart of others, for we are indeed ONE, clothed by our Heavenly Father in Spirit and Truth.

As It Pleases God Movement

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