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Who are you pleasing?  Are you satisfied with pleasing them in such a manner?  Is this pleasing in the Eye of God?  Well, As It Pleases God, Dr. Y is on the scene…UNVEILING the Spiritual Truths and Mysteries from the Heavenly of Heavens.


The As It Pleases God Spiritual Workbook is not just an ordinary workbook as one would think.  It is a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Spiritual Tilling Program providing a Divine Trail of extraordinary WISDOM bringing forth your Divine Blueprint.  Why?  Spiritual Trailblazers are not born in such a manner; they are strategically developed to reach beyond their self-imposed limitations with an understanding of who they are from the inside out, making a positive difference or impact. 


As God Promised, this Spiritual Workbook is designed to help individuals like yourself think their way into SUCCESS with a Plan of Action written in their own words, with their thoughts, and the hidden ‘Know-How’ or ‘How-To’ of what has already been PREDESTINED with Divine Provisions.  Essentially, this ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Guide to Success and Greatness, be it personal or professional, is written with you in mind. 


The Vicissitudes of Life often incorporate a lot of twists and turns or a bunch of riddles, but the answers to every one of them must be sought after.  If not, life will run a vicious cycle of déjà vu until we finally get the point, learn the lessons, or get an understanding. Once you become crystal clear about what you want or the desires of your heart, Spiritual Journaling, Mind Mapping, or developing a Plan of Action according to your Divine Blueprint will become second nature.   More importantly, according to your Divine Design, your FIRST NATURE is to know yourself from the inside out, and this Spiritual Workbook will provide a roadmap to help in this process.


It is time for you to discover how to free yourself from the fear, anger, and guilt holding you back from doing what you have been PREDESTINED to do.  Whether it includes being a great husband or wife, a great mother or father, a great person, a great entrepreneur, a great business mogul, or whatever is Divinely Blueprinted on the tablet of your heart, the As It Pleases God Spiritual Workbook has been designed to UNVEIL it!  While, at the same time, equipping you with the Spiritual Tools and Principles needed to take possession of what rightly belongs to you.


Now, to maximize all God has for you in achieving higher heights and Divine Greatness, make sure you read the books in the As It Pleases God Book Series, As God Promised, Spirit to Spirit, and The Win-Win of Divine Greatness first.  Why? These three books of relatable content set the foundation for the Spiritual Tilling Process, getting your hands in the game.   Simply put, when you know What, When, Where, Why, How, and with Whom to do or not to, the ‘Know-How’ or ‘How-To’ must avail itself by Divine Default.  Furthermore, if you do not MASTER this Spiritual Principle, you cannot fully maximize it the way God intended.


In capitalizing on your BLESSINGS and Birthrights, this Spiritual Investment into your future will not disappoint, guaranteed!  So, what is the Take-Away of the As It Pleases God Spiritual Workbook?  Your DIVINE BLUEPRINT! 

As It Pleases God Spiritual Workbook

  • It takes 10-14 Business Days for Delivery.

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