Feeding the Giant From Within says that WISDOM has finally come home to STAY! The greatest wisdom known to man has always been hidden in plain sight; and, now it is up to you to pay attention to what has been designed to build Godly character. As we outgrow our nest and spread our wings—we begin to instinctually search for the Secret Wisdom that’s needed to build our repertoire of Greatness from Within. We can call it Human Nature; we can call it Human Instincts, or we can call it the Cycle of Life; however, I call her “[SHE] WISDOM!” Yes, I said [SHE] WISDOM—the time has come for me to reveal my secrets on how I became a Power House of Wisdom. I am living proof of how Divine Wisdom can flow to you and through you like a fountain, putting everyone you come in contact with, in a state of awe.  
Feeding The Giant From Within will show how the seeds of Abraham produced The Secret Tree of Life and how it becomes the FOOD that will FEED our GIANT from within. Rest assured, when dealing with our Inner Giant, it requires the right nutrients to survive in this doggy-dog world of reality. Therefore, we must equip ourselves in ways that will put our enemies at bay and our loved ones or friends on a positive platform. 
This book has the answers that you have been seeking, as well as the ones that you may have been avoiding. I have found that “The Secrets To Taking Your Life Back” and “The Secrets To Feeding The Giant From Within” are located right under your nose, hidden in The Book of Proverbs. This book will open the door to spiritual empowerment as you have never seen before—giving you invaluable principles to ensure that your blessings flow into your life and remain there. I dare you to open up the Flood Gates of Wisdom—I promise you, I will not disappoint! From this point on, I need you to get from under the bus, and pick up a brick—it’s time to start rebuilding the Empire that’s already hidden inside of you.

Feeding The Giant From Within