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Are you tired of feeling powerless?  Are you fed up with being manipulated?  Are you tired of feeling confused?  Are you ready to take your Spirituality to the next level, As It Pleases God? 


As the Reign of God is presently upon us, it is time to move out of our comfort zone into our rightful place in the Kingdom to avoid Spiritual Unrest within the human psyche.  Why is Spiritual Unrest upon us?  According to the Heavenly of Heavens, Divine Alignment calls from the depth of our soul in Earthen Vessel to bring forth our Predestined Blueprint.  Listen, we are all here for a reason, so it behooves us to understand what God expects from us, As It Pleases Him, and not ourselves. 


Regardless of whom we think we are, where we presume to belong, or how we justify getting there, IT’S TIME; we must answer the Spiritual Echoes reverberating our name from the Ancient of Days until now. 


As my give back to the Kingdom, let us go deeper…

It's Time - eBook

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