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Have you secretly given up on yourself?  Are you tired of being bombarded with failure or doubt?  Are you watching others achieve their goals?  Do you have the desire to connect to something greater than yourself?  Are you ready to make a profound difference in your life and with others?  Are you ready to live your life with passion and enthusiasm without regret?  Are you ready to receive the Divine Provisions from the Heavenly of Heavens?


The best-kept secrets of Leveraging Credit, As It Pleases God, are now yours, opening up your Spiritual Negev of Divine Greatness, which are all hidden within the human psyche.  Although some of your desires and longings may never go away due to your genetic makeup; however, you do not have to relent to not having the faith that moves mountains nor giving way to seeds bearing mangled fruits. 


As a side note from the Heavenly of Heavens, you have a free will choice to embrace and release whatever, with whomever, but you need Divine Wisdom to know the difference.  Just as nature reclaims its territory when abandoned or neglected, you also have the RIGHT to stake your claim to your Gifts, Calling, Talents, Creativity, and Predestined Blueprint.  For this reason, I am writing this profound book to tell you, “You have what it takes.”   


In awakening from a self-induced slumber, As It Pleases God, the curious mind does not sleep; it stays ON READY!  So, the question is, “What is holding you back.”  As I am Dr. Y., please allow me to answer this question from God’s Divine Perspective.  Without pointing the finger, most of your issues are derived from subtle unresolved reminders of him or her, involving relational qualms, traumas, or disappointments.  However, no one is exempt from this Cycle of Life; still, it can unawaringly weigh on the human psyche, contributing to undue pressure or creating a silent patient of our yesteryears without realizing it. 


As the desire to be seen and heard remain, so will the urge for achievement linger within the human psyche based upon the Spiritual Law of Seedtime and Harvest.  Thus, to connect to your Predestined Blueprint, you must determine the reason for your existence in Earthen Vessel, Spiritually Tilling your own ground and connecting to others on a deeper level.  On this Do-It-Yourself Spiritual Journey, Leveraging Credit, As It Pleases God, here is what you will glean:



  • How to become interdependently sufficient, developing financial security.
  • How to make an impactful difference in the world with profound Spiritual Growth.
  • How to turn your weaknesses into revenues of strength.
  • How to capitalize on your life’s journey, leaving a Legacy of Greatness.
  • How to experience joy, peace, and freedom from the inside out.
  • How to set and maintain boundaries.
  • How to get rid of comparison, competition, and regret.
  • How to develop the courage to take a chance on yourself.
  • How to fulfill your Divine Purpose, developing a Business Mindset.
  • How to create meaningful relationships with your people skills.
  • How to make a Spirit to Spirit connection with the Holy Trinity.
  • How to bridge where you are now to where you are going.



In all of the beauty life offers, it recognizes your true potential, even if no one knows but you, or when everyone knows besides you.  As a commitment from the Ancient of Days until now, the inner strength within the pages of this book will exceed your expectations, landing you into an agreement with what you already possess.  Listen, if no one understands you, I need you to want to understand yourself while honestly and transparently doing your due diligence, As It Pleases God.  Why?  Your resilience is already!  


As I reach my hand out to you, I want you to creatively express yourself, forgiving and letting go of the people, places, and things no longer training or serving a purpose in your life.  All in all, the sense of accomplishments desired from the inside out begins with the proper MINDSET; so, if you are ready to explore the Mind of God from His Divine Perspective, let us go DEEPER.

Leveraging Credit: As It Pleases God eBook

  • After the download is complete, navigate to the ZIP file on your computer or phone. You should be able to right-click or (if you are using Mac OS X) control-click on the file. At least one of the following options should appear in the menu: Extract, Extract All, or Unzip.  Many Blessings to all. Enjoy!

    What if I cannot find my download notification email. First, check your spam or junk inbox. If you use Gmail, also check your Social and Promotions tabs.

    What if you do not have the program to unzip files?   Winzip is a free program to zip and unzip files. 

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