Why do we have to go through what we are going through just to survive or just to make a living? Why do we have to deal with hostility in the workplace or our personal lives? Why can’t we simply make the right connections in life? Why does God shut down one area of our lives, only to build us up in another? Better yet, why would He bless us with a stream of provision, just to have that same stream create a DISCONNECT from within the depths of our soul? Why, why, why….the questions we ask.  
“Madam Oracle’s DirectConnect” helps us to find our niche, it helps us to make the connection necessary to build a balanced lifestyle, and it gives us the wisdom on how to create Mental Mastery right in our place of work or in our personal lives as well. The “Madam Oracle’s DirectConnect” has found that life has a way of blessing those who make it their business to become a blessing to others. However, most often, our blessings reside in the place that we spend the bulk of our time; which in my opinion, is in the workplace and with our families. It is for that very reason that we must learn the SECRETS and the CHARACTERISTICS of mastering that very place that we take for granted, as well as how to develop a new MINDSET that accommodates our present state of being. If one follows the “Madam Oracle’s DirectConnect” Trail of Wisdom, it promises success in areas that one has been defeated!  
If one is looking for that DirectConnect or if God has placed a dream in your heart; He will make provisions for you as this book will show you how. He will also nudge you to begin to think inside, outside, around, and through the box of life to get your Mental Wheels turning in your work environment, your present situation, your obstacles, your setbacks, with your family, etc. As scripture says, “I have been young, and now I am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread.” Psalms 37:25. If one feels defeated right now, “Madam Oracle’s DirectConnect” serves as a “TOOL” to make provisions for you, and to show you how to turn a potentially debilitating situation into a blessing of supernatural strength and favor, GUARANTEED.

Madam Oracle's DirectConnect