Before God created man, He prepared us with Universal Laws and Principles by creating order in the Heavens and on Earth for us. But for some reason, we have forgotten the tools that God has empowered us with, we have forgotten about Seed, Time, and Harvest; we have forgotten about loving thy neighbor as thyself; we have forgotten about give and it shall be given unto you. Most of all, we have forgotten about exhibiting the Fruits of the Spirit that would bridge the gap between what we know, what we have forgotten, or what we do not know about Spiritual Laws and Principles.  
We are valuable to God, or He would not have created us. Our submission to Him is what He seeks; yet, we seek everything for SELF, not giving back to our inner-born legacy that’s hidden from within. With this book, I am unveiling the Spiritual Principles and Laws that are hidden in plain sight to those who have found themselves Spiritually Blind or Spiritually Wounded. And, if one has a need to foolproof his or her Spiritual Relationship with God, we must understand the Spiritual Laws that are set in place to ensure that we are able to bring forth good and fruitful things. 
Our daily walk is indeed a journey, and it is through this journey that we determine our end-result. Therefore, I have developed a “Spiritual CheatSheet” that will keep you ahead of the game when faced with an immediate issue. There are times when you do not have time to read a whole book for Divine Direction, and there are times when you need a right now word, answer, or guidance. I believe in destiny, and so do you, or you would not be reading this book right now. Nevertheless, our destiny is depending upon the choices that we make on a moment-by-moment basis; we cannot afford to drop the ball or curse our hand due to the lack of information. Therefore, it behooves you to learn and master the Laws of the Spirit to ensure that the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit is involved with a supernatural spiritual covering that will put your enemies at bay. 
When you learn, understand, and master Biblical Laws and Principles comprised with the Fruits of the Spirit—God will open up the windows of Heaven, and pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to store it, GUARANTEED! Now, with that being said, I introduce to you, “Madam Oracle’s Spiritual CheatSheet.”

Madam Oracle's Spiritual CheatSheet