Life has a lot to say; especially, when we are SpirituallyMarked. We have been conditioned to think being SpirituallyMarked is bad, but that is so far from the truth—it’s just misunderstood. There are certain individuals that God has chosen to accomplish a specific task, and they will not have peace until they answer the CALL, and I happened to be one of them. Although I stared death in its face on several occasions, I was PROTECTED in a supernatural way that was beyond human understanding. In the beginning, I was clueless about my SpiritualMarking; and, once I realized that I was CHOSEN, I went into a State of Denial. I denied the gift, and I denied the anointing due to my lack of understanding and due to the fact that I was being mocked and bullied for my intuitiveness. However, God had a greater purpose for my life that wasn’t just about me, and would not let me go, period! Now I am here as the Oracle of God to share my gift of WISDOM, leading the way for you to do likewise.  
If we take the time to listen, the silent whispers of our environment speaks, the whispers of our heart speaks, the whispers of our mind speaks, the whispers of the known and unknown speaks, and the whispers from being CHOSEN speaks even louder whether we want to hear it or not. If we take the time to listen to what the Voice From Within is saying to us and about us, it will revolutionize our lives in ways that the anointing would break every yoke that’s keeping us bound. However, if we do not know or understand our SpiritualMarking, we become a victim in ways that will blind us from what we are called to do. When we become Spiritually Blinded, we will become lost in the shuffle of life with an inner longing that will become fed by the people, places, and things around us; therefore, causing us to become a people pleaser, brown-noser, naïve, or lost.  
Living a life out of purpose or in bondage creates a life that’s full of limitations and excuses that hinder our ability to embrace our purpose or passion. For this reason, “Madam Oracle’s SpirituallyMarked” comes in to take you on a journey out of your Egypt, through the wilderness and into your Promise Land by sharing principles, insights, ideas, and concepts that will keep success chasing after you. You will also learn how to unlock your creative power of uniqueness that will serve you, regardless of what level of achievement you are on. Basically, “Madam Oracle’s SpirituallyMarked” is a Spiritual Navigational tool used to build individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to propel them into their destiny. Lastly, I do not proclaim to have all the answers, but I do have enough SECRETS to revolutionize your life with this one book. Greatness has your name on it, and if you want it bad enough, I dare you to take the journey to get it!

Madam Oracle's SpirituallyMarked