“Madam Oracle’s Writing On The Wall” has the relationship answers that you have been waiting for. The “Writing on the Wall” Secrets on relationships are designed to empower you with a new point of view that is realistic, practical, profound, and proven. In this book, I will introduce the downfall of perfection through a WALL of opposites, pretense, the 80/20 rule, and our past. This will give you the information to better equip you with the value of dating and mating with a level of confidence that will cause every broken relationship to make you better, not bitter. You can tiptoe around mating, dating, or anything in between, but it does not change what the “Writing on the Wall” says about you and others!  
The answers to your questions in life or in a relationship will always be “Written on the Wall.” Everyone is wired a certain way, and this book is going to answer some of the questions that you have been secretly asking yourself when no one is looking. However, it is your responsibility to OWN your truth by paying attention to what is being written, why it’s being written, how it’s written, where it’s written, and when it’s written. But for the most part, in a relationship, failure and success are from the same seed; it’s simply a matter of taking responsibility for your actions, reactions, thoughts, and overcoming your superficial limitations.  
The “Writing on the Wall” leaves you with paramount principles that will take anyone from zero to hero status in building quality, profound relationships. Trust that after reading this book, it will empower you with the ability to leave your impactful stamp on the heart of everyone you come in contact with, guaranteed!

Madam Oracle's Writing on the Wall