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The Step By Step Secrets To Regrafting Your Life In The Pursuit Of Success



In such a time as this, we all have questions.  So, what are we going to do?  In our moments of desperation, where do we go from here?  Or, better yet, what is God trying to tell us?


In or out of our Questionable Moments, we are positive or negative influencers.  The Art of Positive Thinking, Praying, Faith, or Spirituality is just as important as the Art of Breathing.  When we take this process for granted, we will find that guarding our lives will become a gateway to negativity, lost hope, and failed dreams. 


On the other hand, if we guard our thoughts, redirecting them toward the positive, we can better control what comes out of our mouth, the mental chatter, and our reactions. More importantly, if we incorporate God into the equation, it will give us better control over our lives by default without having to worry so much.


Regardless of our current situation, if we think for a minute that we are not GREAT, or if we believe we do not have a Purpose, then think again. We are all a Genius in disguise, and we all have a Mission! We simply must KNOW this and humbly OWN it.  We cannot run around feeling helpless, especially when we need to understand and perfect the Root of our Character to make our HOUSE a HOME Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.


Questionable Moments was written for such a time as this, ushering in Spiritual Development from the inside out.  Why?  It is time to learn how to call forth our Inner Genius.  To be clear, this is not about being arrogant at all:


  • It is about learning how to become WISE.
  • It is about learning how to become STRATEGIC.
  • It is about learning how to develop DISCIPLINE.
  • It is about learning how to become HUMBLE.
  • It is about learning the value of becoming GOAL-ORIENTED.
  • It is about learning how to MAXIMIZE our Gifts, Talents, Creativity, and Calling the way God intended.



Our true POWER is in our hands…without our hands, or better yet, without our Fingerprint, we lose our identity in the Real World. However, in the Spiritual World, we can only lose our Inner Genius, Spiritual Fingerprint, or Divine Impact if we do not recognize, ignore, misuse, or do not share it! Fortunately, this is how unique we are, but we often do not realize our uniqueness until we lose it.


The Root of Our Inner Genius wants us to know that everything we need is already within with or without any Divine Intervention. Stop looking for other people, habits, or crutches to fill our hidden or open voids!   Remember, the void is full; if one does not understand this, they will be left behind sobbing while asking, ‘Why me?’ When one should be telling life, ‘Try me!’


Bottom line, the Genius from Within requires courage. Yes, the courage to know the King of the Genius is already! Although no one is perfect; yet, we must also understand that we are all a work-in-progress, and we are also the best version of ourselves.  For this reason, in or out of our Questionable Moments, there is no need to be on an ego trip.  Why? A super inflated ego automatically indicates hidden insecurities, allowing others to read our internal mail. So, stop it!


When our Awaited Destiny is hanging in the balance, the enemy will pull out all types of tricks to detour, distract, trip, or yoke us to the core.  How is this possible?  We create our own self-defeat if we are weak, sensitive, or consumed with the victim mentality, especially when the enemy only planted a seed as we watered its growth.   When all we had to do was learn the lesson, get an understanding to become wiser, add God into the equation, and keep it moving positively.


On this note, Questionable Moments will give you the SECRETS on how to Regraft your character, making it positive, productive, and fruitful, GUARANTEED!

Questionable Moments

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