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The Mysteries Of Connecting To The Heavenly Of Heavens



Do you have a desire to Spiritually Connect to God on a Supernatural level?  Has life thrown you a curveball you do not know how to straighten out?  Are you waiting on the right time to pursue the desires of your heart?  Well, the wait is over; Spirit to Spirit is written with you in mind, helping you to draw a line in the sand on whatever and with whomever.  Yes, you know what I am talking about!  Yes, that one.  That one person or that one thing that is capturing your thoughts the most, depleting your energy, and zapping your sanity. 


This Book, Spirit to Spirit, is designed to give you a Divine Understanding of how to embrace the Greatness hidden within your Gifts, Talents, or Creativity while answering the questions you do not know or have not been trained to ask.   Frankly, if you fail to ask the right fact-finding questions, you may also unawaringly deprive yourself of the motivational edifices designed to keep your Spiritual Passion alive, bringing you in Purpose on purpose.   


As a Vessel of God, regardless of where you are, what you are going through, or your genuine needs, you are extremely special in the Eye of God.  So, forget about the hype of the shoulda, coulda, and woulda!  The time is NOW to make the decision to use the Spiritual Tools available at your fingertips!  It does not matter if you want to gain something from the Kingdom of Heaven, or you are in fear of losing something or someone.  The Spirit to Spirit Relationship you are secretly seeking will help you deal with ALL THINGS from the inside out, including the difficult decisions.  In this Book, Spirit to Spirit, along with the Deeper Truths of simplicity, you will also learn:


  • How to discover or maximize your Spiritual Relationship.
  • How to take authority over your life using Spiritual Truths.
  • How to become worthy and confident, even amid weaknesses.
  • How to understand and prepare for Greatness while bridging the gap between where you are and where you are going.
  • How to become wiser, smarter, knowledgeable, mature, and astute.
  • How to reach a level of security in who you are and why.
  • How to learn, achieve, and do more with what you have.
  • How to use Spiritual Discernment, Discipline, or Instincts properly.
  • How to use the Fruits of the Spirit and develop Christlike Character.
  • How to Spiritually Connect to the Holy Trinity properly.
  • How to exhibit humility and resist temptation simultaneously.
  • How to cause Spiritual Decrees to work on your behalf.



As a deliberate Act of Love on behalf of the Heavenly of Heavens, this Book, Spirit to Spirit is riddled with detailed Spiritual Instructions and Protocols on how to make a Direct Connect to the Holy of Holies.  More importantly, Spirit to Spirit contains the intricate details regarding what can prevent a Spiritual Connection, as well as what would cause the Holy Spirit to lay dormant, causing you to unawaringly sleep and slumber on yourself and others.


As the Spirit of Greatness is calling your name, keep in mind, the peaceful Forethoughts of God are desired by all, used by few, and misunderstood by most. So, in order to fully achieve the full portion of the desires of your heart, you must tap into the Spiritual Means to better understand your Divine Blueprint without getting second-hand or third-party information.  Besides, who knows you better than you?  Better yet, who knows your Blueprint better than the Holy Trinity?


Once you understand how to really get In Him, you will not want to depart from His Divine Presence, guaranteed.  From one Spirit to Another, everything you are and will become is already prewired with you in mind. I promise this Book, Spirit to Spirit, will indeed bring you out of the darkness and into the Light, giving you an opportunity to handle a little uneasiness like a Champion. 

Spirit to Spirit

  • It takes 10-14 Business Days for Delivery.

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