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Do you feel as if you have been Spiritually Chosen?


Well, the wait is over! If you are reading this book, you have been CHOSEN. Yes, CHOSEN for a time such as this.

Our Spiritual Blessings are all around us; yet, if we cannot see them in plain sight, we must find a way to refocus or regraft our mindset to extract the positive, fruitful, and faithful. It is time out for coveting, jealousy, envy, waywardness, and pride. Spiritually, they only serve as a distraction for those who fall prey to the wiles of the enemy, causing us to appear blessed. While at the same time, we cannot tell anyone we do not feel blessed at all, as we secretly battle with low esteem, hopelessness, insecurity, fear, unforgiveness, unkindness, and resentment. Unbeknown to most, these hidden quirks are openly revealed in our People Skills; yet, we cannot see it because we are too busy putting on a show to cover up instead of unveiling.

The Spiritual Calculations from the Heavenly of Heavens aim to reverse all forms of deception to the point where we know and feel blessed beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even if the appearance of our blessedness does not seem as such to the naked eye, it does not make it so in the Eye of God.

As we venture through life, searching for the Great Unknown, we will find we have been faithfully guided, even when we did not feel as if we were. Frankly, if we dare to reflect on the goodness of God, we will notice we have been destined for Greatness regardless of the obstacles we are facing on our Spiritual Journey.

In this book, one will find the Spiritual Instructions needed to regraft, refresh, and revitalize the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit into what is Spiritually Required for the Heaven on Earth Experience. As a whole, this book will share the Spiritual Calculations of:


  • How to encourage or calm ourselves amid trauma, confusion, and frustration, turning hopelessness into external happiness and inner joy.
  • How to gain strengthenable momentum to break yokes, bondages, soul ties, and enslavement while trusting God when we cannot trace Him.
  • How to think, become, and appear Christlike in our approach to all things without becoming abusive, judgmental, or condescending.
  • How to experience God from a Heavenly Perspective.
  • How to develop, nurture, and display our People Skills without offending or alienating those we love or are called to shepherd.
  • How to apply Biblical Principles to all areas of our lives to bring forth Spiritual Blessings, and not curses.
  • How to forgive, break stubbornness, and make peace with our past to become a Living Testimony to our Spiritual Testament.
  • How to maximize the Fruits of the Spirit in the way they were Spiritually Intended.
  • How to bring forth Provision for our Vision, Gifting, Calling, or Talent.
  • How to break any form of limitation or overcome struggles, bringing forth our Best Self.
  • How to experience life from God’s Perspective while exhibiting Christlike Character.
  • How to rightly possess our Birthright while casting down any distorted images contradicting the Word of God.



The Spiritual Calculations of God will not disappoint those who surrender to the Mission. From this point onward, the Divine Wisdom, Secrets, and Treasures from the Heavenly of Heavens are at your fingertips. Now, the question is, ‘Will you settle for less for images of Egypt, will you wander in your Desert Experience, or will you take possession of your Promise?’ Regardless of what decision you make, your Journey is NOW!

Spiritual Calculations - eBook