The Spiritual Gold that is hidden in the Book of Psalms is powerful, and it works! I have found that in order to open up the floodgates of Godly character, we must learn how to pray for it effectively. When we learn how to use the Book of Psalms in conjunction with our daily prayers, it invokes the Power of the Holy Spirit to release the Wisdom of our past, present, and future. Our Spiritual Gold is designed to make all things work together for our good, if we believe in the POWER that is hidden within the Book of Psalms. 
Our daily walk is indeed a journey, and it is through this journey that we determine our end-result. Spiritual Gold shares a series of stories of how our decisions alter our destiny without us realizing what is taking place until it is too late. Without a doubt, our destiny is depending upon the choices that we make TODAY! Of course, we all have some sort of hope or goals for tomorrow; but, it is imperative that we understand the POWER of our NOW. It is the decisions that we make or do not make that set the tone of things to come; and, if we live our lives as if no one is watching, we are sadly mistaken. Spiritual Gold is here to open our eyes to reality and share a few secrets and Principles from the Book of Psalms that will keep favor and grace knocking on our door. 
The Book of Psalms allows us to take biblical prayers and make them our own based on the situation, circumstance, or event that is present in our lives. It also helps us to get on one accord with God, especially when we do not know what to pray for or how to pray. I have found that some people use the Psalms only when needed; but, in order to receive the best results, we should recite a Psalm every day; especially, for giving thanks, or exercising gratefulness.  
Spiritual Gold wants us to know that when we exercise Biblical Principles, humility, and reverence when praying, God will open up the windows of Heaven, where we will not have room enough to store our blessings, GUARANTEED! Therefore, we cannot be clueless or careless about what we want, what we do, what we say, or what we become. We are held accountable for our actions, reactions, or the lack thereof when it comes down to our Spiritual Walk with God, and the prayers that are going to keep us on track.

Although we do not talk about instincts much when we are talking about prayer; but, our instincts are indeed a navigational tool used to determine what to pray for, when to pray, how to pray, where to pray, and why we need to pray. It is our instincts that wake us up in the middle of the night to pray. It is our instincts that let us know when something is wrong. It is our instincts that allow us to embrace the Spiritual Gold of God. It is our instincts that awaken the spirit from within, and it is our instincts that enable us to connect with the Holy Spirit, if we do not allow the abuses of life to detour us on our path to greatness. Now, with that being said, I introduce to you, Spiritual Gold at its finest.

Spiritual Gold: The Secrets on How to Build Godly Character!