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Do you know how to deal with difficult people?  Are you a pushover, or is it challenging to deal with you as a person?  Better yet, do you know how to deal with yourself as an individual?  Well, the Tree of Life gives you a bird’s eye view of the charactorial behaviors, As It Pleases God, and what He expects from you in Earthen Vessel.  While simultaneously allowing your secret tears, traumas, and fears to teach, make, or break you into the Image of Him and His Divine Likeness.  Why?  Your Greater Greatness is already; however, you must know and understand it, breaking every chain and yoke keeping you from attaining, sustaining, or proclaiming.


Although we have our standards of living and pleasing ourselves, we must also understand that in the Kingdom of God, He also has His, with Spiritual Laws, Principles, Promises, and Decrees attached.  If we do not know what they are, then it is time to get In The Know, As It Pleases Him, creating a Divine Disruption in our thinking, behaving, becoming, and doing with a Spiritual Blueprint from the Heavenly of Heavens. 


Why must we get In The Kingdom Know from a Spiritual Perspective?  First and foremost, to Divinely Capitalize on Spiritual Laws, Principles, and Decrees to become a Spiritual ASSET according to our Predestined Blueprint with WISDOM attached.  Secondly, to avoid becoming a Spiritual Liability in the Eye of God and man, attaching ourselves to foolery and contemptibility.  Thirdly, to preserve the Tree of Life from within, producing the Fruits of the Spirit and Christlike Character.  And lastly, to avoid becoming a Tree of Death, a Tree of Delusion, a Tree of Deception, or a Tree of Destruction, appearing right in our own eyes.


The TRUE Seers, Hearers, and Doers of the Kingdom of God humbly get up, sit down, pause, or ponder, As It Pleases Him, seeking Divine Answers, asking relevant Spiritual Questions, and conveying Spiritual Decrees with no shame attached.  Now, if you think you are exempt from this process, you are sadly mistaken!  We all have this ability; however, we must become Spiritually Astute in our words, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, actions, reactions, fruits, finances, and display of power. 


So, if you are ready to go Deeper than Deep, let’s step into the Heavenly Realm, Spirit to Spirit.  Many Blessings to all.

The Tree of Life: As It Pleases God eBook

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