Stepping Into My Prayer Closet  -  AUDIO PRAYERS DOWNLOAD


Is your life out of control?  Are you at your wit’s end, not knowing what to do, which way to turn, who to turn to, or why you are going through what you are going through? 


If you have exhausted all of your resources and tried everything to rectify whatever or with whomever, I will say this, ‘You have ONE trump card left.’  Well, the Wailing Prayers To The Deep - Prayer Diary is your Plan B Approach…whatever you are going through, wherever you are going to, and no matter where you are in life…this book will help you.  Guaranteed!


Why not Plan A?  Realistically, Plan A is ideal for those in Purpose on purpose which can HEAR the Voice of God, Spiritually SEE beyond the natural, and SPEAK the Language of the Kingdom while in a constant State of Repentanc