The Promises of God are upon us as we wiggle our way through our present Vicissitudes until our Season of Betterment avails itself to and through what we fear and hate, positively or negatively.  More importantly, how we handle our Season of Betterment determines our Seasons of Greatness from this point onward based upon our PERSPECTIVES.


For example, in the Eye of God, when we fear or hate losing, it is also fair to say we fear or hate Spiritual Gain; yet, it is hidden under layers of something else.  What is the purpose of losing to gain?  According to Kingdom Standards, in this catch-22 situation, pruning is mandatory for the Spiritual Development and Confidence needed to EXTRACT Divine Greatness. 


According to our Divine Blueprint, what God uses to train may not be used to maintain or sustain His Promises; therefore, we must let go to embrace and embrace to pass the Divine Mantle through the Law of Reciprocity.  Developing this Spiritual Mindset, As It Pleases God, even if the people, places, and things in life treat us as an ‘Ace in the Hole,’ we can boldly say, ‘DEUCES’ to whatever or whomever, and mean it without saying one word!  


Spiritual Detachment Mentally and Emotionally for our Blueprinted Purpose leads to a Physical farewell in due season, similar to the waiting, parting, and closing of the Red Sea Experience for the Children of Israel.  As we fast forward from then to now, this experience equates to what takes place in a genuine Spirit to Spirit Relationship with the Gifts, Calling, Talents, and Creativity we possess in hand, As It Pleases God.   However, we must wholeheartedly surrender to His Will and Ways to gain Spiritual Access to our FULL PORTION.


Our Promises are not by chance or circumstance; actually, they are ABSOLUTE, Divinely Blueprinted within our DNA!  So, we should never deny our reason for being; instead, we must Spiritually Capitalize on it.  According to Kingdom Standards, this book, ‘Why Must We Please God,’ and the ‘As It Pleases God’ Book Series will share how to authentically do likewise in the Eye of God.  Here is what we can Spiritually Glean from this book:


  • How to Spiritually INVEST in the Kingdom, ourselves, and others.
  • How to WIN in the Eye of God with no shame attached.
  • The BENEFITS of Pleasing God according to Kingdom Standards.
  • How to MAXIMIZE our Spiritual Coverings of Divine Greatness.
  • How to FORGIVE for our own sake, our future, and our Bloodline.
  • How to DEVELOP strength out of our weaknesses, becoming a Kingdom Powerhouse.
  • How to EMBRACE the hope needed to sustain us in the Spirit of Excellence.
  • How to SEEK peace amid negative chaos, frustrations, or provocations.
  • How to CAPITALIZE on the secrets hidden in our Joyous Efforts.
  • How to BREAK the yoke of Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Bondage.
  • How to UNDERSTAND the Heavenly Influences encapsulated in the Power of Obedience.
  • How to ACQUIRE Spiritual Access to the Heavenly of Heavens, As It Pleases God.



So, if you are ready to become a Spiritual Ambassador for the Kingdom, As God Promised, let us go deeper to develop the Spirit to Spirit Connection together as ONE.


Why Must We Pleases God - eBook