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Are You Ready For the Promises?

What is stopping you from having the desires of your heart? Do you feel as if God abandoned you? Do you think you are not good enough to possess your Divine Birthrights?

Have you been contemplating doing something for years, yet you lack the motivation or instructions on approaching it? Or, better yet, when you attempted to accomplish your heart’s desire, you suffered the embarrassment of failing? Well, this Book, As God Promised, is designed to take you on a Spiritual Journey, helping you to help yourself, breaking every known or unknown yoke keeping you bound Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

In becoming your highest and best self, the empowerment hidden within these pages will revolutionize your life, giving you practical, effective, and sound Spiritual Principles designed to uproot and regraft your negative excuses or reasonings into a WIN-WIN MINDSET.

Have you ever messed up a do-it-yourself project, and then after putting in all the effort, you had to call in the professionals to correct your

mistakes or point of erring? To add insult to injury, after swallowing your pride to ask for help, they charged you double the price as a form of punishment, without giving you any form of grace, mercy, or compassion for putting in the effort. Whereas in the Kingdom, as a do-it-yourselfer, this principle works in reverse—you are rewarded for your efforts as you become a work-in-progress toward Divine Greatness.

Yet, here is the deal, you know yourself better than anyone else; therefore, with the information given, if you become true to yourself, you will spend less time redoing what you can get right the first time around.

As God Promised, it does not matter whether you are learning and applying this information from the Top or the Bottom, or from the Least to the Greatest; these Spiritual Principles will revolutionize your life, guaranteed. Here is what you can gain from this Book:

  1. How to unveil and heal your true self from the inside out.

  2. How to regain strength when falling short, causing all things to work in your favor.

  3. How to rejuvenate the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit to bring forth Spiritual Balance, Peace, and Comfort.

  4. How to listen, learn, understand, and apply Spiritual Principles to reap the everlasting Rewards of the Kingdom.

  5. How to spend your undivided time understanding yourself while extracting your Divine Greatness.

  6. How to lead your field in the Spirit of Excellence with positive Spiritual Reinforcement or Affirmations.

  7. How to take responsibility for where you are, as well as your Predestined Position engrafted in your Divine Blueprint.

  8. How to use your Spiritual Weapons to protect, anoint, and decree while learning from any and everything to enhance your growth positively.

  9. How to accept others for who they are, without becoming judgmental or condescending.

  10. How to gain Spiritual Access to the Kingdom.

  11. How to cast down the negative inner chatter from within, while nurturing and developing your Kingdom Voice.

  12. How to reverse or break yokes while Standing Your Ground.

With this Divine, yet time-sensitive information from the Heavenly of Heavens, and as it relates to your Divine Blueprint, no one has the power to steal your dreams; unless you willfully give them away or negligently dismiss them. However, if this Book, As God Promised, made it into your hands, you hit the bull’s eye! For you, from this point onward, giving up is not an option.

According to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Sacred Gates are open, leading you into your Divine Destiny. So, you can kiss the dream killers goodbye because your Spiritual Anointing will not settle for mediocrity. Now, from one Promise Recipient to Another, get up, get ready, and let us slay these giants together! Trust me, you have what it takes…and I will show you how.


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