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Are You Ready To Enhance Your Prayer Life?

The Secrets to embracing our Eternal Life Now

Are you in a stretch? Is life putting you in a strain from the inside out? Is your soul crying out?

The labor of God’s love has been poured over the pages of the ‘Wailing Prayers To The Deep Reloaded’ to inspire hope. Yes, faith, love, and hope in those who are in dire need of a breakthrough from the inside out, or better yet, the outside in.

In the world we live in today, our culture is fooling us into thinking worldliness is better or more beneficial than the Kingdom of Heaven. Well, today, I serve notice to all; the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand from Genesis to Revelation, while our wailing process is waiting, standing at full alert to serve us with a Special Invitation of freedom. A chain-breaking release, pulling us from the grip of what is besetting us, what has us soul tied, what is enslaving us, what keeps us in bondage, or what has us yoked with or without our permission.

In or out of our wailing process, the Eternal Plan of God is established, as the Biblical Word plays a vital role in our Divine Purpose, getting us on the right path at the right time. Now, as the issues of life are upon us, let us not fall by the wayside without using our God-Given Tools; therefore, providing a Spiritual safety net for ourselves and others. Just so we are crystal clear, this book by no means is designed to comfort our erring process. Instead, it is designed to liberate us, preserving our bloodline from the frailties easily besetting us, utilizing the Gifts, Talents, or Tools we already have in our hand.

The ‘Wailing Prayers To The Deep Reloaded’ is going to answer the vital Spiritual ‘Why’ Questions to empower those who are ready to embrace their Divine Purpose. As we all know, the Plan of God has already been set in motion, doing what it does best. But more importantly, it is our responsibility to catch up as opposed to being left behind, wallowing in the past without the ability to embrace our NOW or our future. Although we can say life is a lot of things; yet, it is Divinely Designed to serve us, if we dare to understand the intricacies and the Spiritual Principles associated with it doing so.

Our Spiritual Journey is inevitable because it is a part of our genetic design of Eternal Life, and if we run, we must also understand we cannot hide for too long. Why? We are a part of the Divine Plan; therefore, the wailing process should not be prolonged. We must head into the Spiritual Classroom as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary partisans, detouring us from our Spiritual Calling.

The ‘Wailing Prayers To The Deep Reloaded’ takes no captives; we are on a Spiritual Mission to set the captives free through Spiritual Empowerment and Divine Secrets. Listen, we are all important to God, and we all have a Purpose; if one has a desire to unveil the Gifts, Calling, or Talents associated, let us take this Spiritual Journey together. I will share a few Spiritual Truths life has taught me, as well as how to develop, understand, and maximize our own truths to provide a benefit for the Kingdom of God, ourselves, and others. On this Spiritual Journey, here is what I am going to share:

  1. The secrets of how to create a win-win out of anything or with anyone to bring us in Purpose on purpose.

  2. How to perfect the wailing process while developing Spiritual Strategies.

  3. The importance of ‘Wailing Prayers To The Deep.’

  4. The hidden principles of Bridging the Gap of Fasting.

  5. The power of our ‘Q and A Sessions’ with God.

  6. The benefits hidden in our Spiritual Fruits and Christlike Character.

  7. How to bring the Word of God to life, making it applicable to everyday living.

  8. How to develop strong bonded relationships with a 4-Fold Effect.

  9. Revamp our power of perception on how we see God, ourselves, and others.

  10. How to respond positively in a negative situation, keeping our hands blessed.

  11. How to prevent the onslaught of generational curses among our bloodline.

  12. How to cause the Spiritual Laws and Principles of God to work on our behalf.

The truth of the matter is that we have had enough time to reflect on our mistakes, mishaps, betrayals, traumas, adversities, abuses, or whatever has caused our Spirit to fall asleep. Wake up…Wake up…Wake up…we must awaken from our slumber, flipping the switch on our darkness, ushering in the LIGHT to keep our countenance from falling. How is this possible? We must learn the secrets of converting negatives into positives to create a win-win, making all things work together for our good.

But more importantly, regardless of what we are going through, God has a message for those who have a willing ear to hear. Once completing this book, ‘Wailing Prayers To The Deep Reloaded,’ I promise your life will never be the same, guaranteed. It will change for the better,

  1. Giving hope where there was despair.

  2. Giving love where there was hatred.

  3. Giving Joy where there was sadness.

  4. Giving peace where there was chaos.

  5. Giving patience where there was impatience.

  6. Giving kindness where there was callousness.

  7. Giving goodness where there was malice.

  8. Giving faithfulness where there was untrustworthiness.

  9. Giving gentleness where there was insensitivity.

  10. Giving self-control where there was uncontrollability.

  11. Giving truth where there were lies.

  12. Giving transparency where there were masks.

How is this possible when our lives are in a state of crisis? Do not worry, this book is designed to set the record straight, getting everyone In The Spiritual Know, equipped for the journey ahead, and properly aligned for the wailing process. So, if you are ready for a DEEPER experience, let us dig DEEP into the core of your being to pull out the Greatness that is already. “Just follow me, I will make you fishers of men.”


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