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Are You Ready To Open Your Spiritual Eyes To Reality?

The Secrets To Unveiling The Veiled For Such A Time As This!

When God speaks, can we hear Him? When God instructs, do we obey? When God chastens, do we repent?

As we look around for the quick fix to our dilemmas, we unawaringly overlook the obvious. ‘The Great Reveal,’ our Spiritual Journey, the Spiritual Healing, or Spiritual Whatever occurs from within. With the dilemmas we face today, we may find ourselves doing the wrong thing at the right time or the right thing at the wrong time. Whereas, the primary objective for the Kingdom of Heaven, we must become adequately synced to the LEADING of the Spirit when operating in or out of our Creativity, Gifting, Purpose, or Talents. If we do not become Spiritually Synced, we may find ourselves in a cycle of déjà vu or wasting precious time, especially when we are called to maximize our greatest and highest potential.

‘The Great Reveal’ is NOW! From Genesis to Revelation, no one can pursue our inner-born Destiny better than self. We are all Blessed to be a Blessing, and we are here for such a time as this. Due to our lack of understanding, transparency, or know-how in this Spiritual Arena, we secretly or openly look for our Purpose, Passion, or Calling in something or someone else. Unbeknown to most, our weaknesses are hidden strengths, and if we dare to leave no stone unturned, our hidden strengths will release our greatest potential, fixing our Spiritual Crown. Although everyone is different, we have what it takes to make a difference in this lifetime and the next. It does not matter where we are in life, ‘The Great Reveal’ has a take-away for all; so, it behooves one to engage in their own Spiritual Journey.

In ‘Unveiling the Veiled,’ everything we need is already! We simply need to learn how to tap into it without tapping out or becoming Spiritually Exhausted. We will always have the option to change our perception to create a win-win for our known and unknown needs, wants, and desires, but we must follow the Spiritual Protocol of looking within first.

· If we are looking for wholeness, it is within.

· If we are looking for peace, it is within.

· If we are looking for love, it is within.

· If we are looking for joy, it is within.

· If we are looking for hope, it is within.

· If we are looking for patience, it is within.

· If we are looking for kindness, it is within.

· If we are looking for goodness, it is within.

· If we are looking for faithfulness, it is within.

· If we are looking for gentleness, it is within.

· If we are looking for self-control, it is within.

· If we are looking for God, He is within.

In this book, the first goal is to ‘Unveil the Veiled,’ opening our Spiritual Eyes to see what we could not see previously. Secondly, to pierce the Pit of Deafness, causing our Spiritual Ears to hear the still small, yet profound Silent Whispers from within. And lastly, to Spiritually Unseal the utterance of our Spiritual Tongue to speak a language previously unknown to the human psyche into the Heavenly of Heavens.

Little do we know, God’s more in-depth responses are wrapped in our questions, and if we do not master this Art of the Kingdom, we will have many unanswered questions, lost dreams, amiss prayers, dangling hope, or wavering faith. For the most part, no one likes walking around not being ‘In The Know,’ even if we pretend as if we do not care. But when it comes down to the Elements of the Spirit, God will not hang us out to dry without allowing us to change for the better to give or inspire the Greater Hope from within.

‘The Great Reveal’ is designed to expose the TRUTH about who we are and why. So, if you are ready to understand and take possession of your Divine Birthright, let us do this together as ONE. Many Blessings to All.


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