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Are You Ready To Shine Like A Diamond From The Inside Out?

The Secrets to Discovering the True Genius from Within!

Diamonds are indeed a Woman’s best friend and a Man’s most prominent platform.

Our DNA structure from the Spiritual to the Earthly Realm paves the way to our Inner Genius and Platform of Greatness. However, it is HIDDEN like a Diamond to Establish Divine Order from the inside out. Regardless of our layers of secret debris or fall from grace, we are still a symbol of Love, Compassion, Commitment, and Faithfulness if we can simply get through the atrocities of life, learning the lessons needed to understand whatever with whomever.

When we are conscious about putting forth positive energy, the negative will flee as our mind begins to create win-win situations out of everything. And, if negativity attempts to cast debris on our Diamonds, with this book, we can recognize it instantly and reverse it into a positive immediately. Mastering this Spiritual Technique allows us to Spiritually Align ourselves according to the Will and Word of God.

This book, The DNA of Diamonds, is designed to help us with our very own DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project hidden within the human psyche. In addition, this book shares information to help:

  1. Peel off the layers of negativity.

  2. Develop our Mental Mastery.

  3. Keep our emotions in check.

  4. Learn how to own what and how we are feeling.

  5. Change everything into a positive.

  6. Find something to smile about.

  7. Ask life the right questions.

  8. Unveil the Genius from Within.

Regardless of what we are going through or what we have been through, there is no perfect life; it is just designed to be continually perfected! What does this mean? Just as challenges come, they will leave if we find our space of happiness and peace. I know it is easier said than done, right? But we can perfect our State of Being by choosing to be Happy, Positive, Loving, and Fruitful while allowing everything else to work itself out, especially if we commit to becoming a work-in-progress in the Spirit of Excellence and Righteousness.

With the use of The DNA of Diamonds’ Navigational Tools and Secrets, it assists in helping us to get back on track or stay on the right path, specifically when activating the Law of Reciprocity through sowing positive and fruitful SEEDS.

Even if it takes us a moment to master the work-in-progress mentality, it is okay, as long as we wholeheartedly surrender to it. If we lose our way for some reason, do not panic; it happens to us all from time to time because we must put in the work for the Secrets of the Garden. What does this mean? The Streets of Gold in the Kingdom will not change the Divine Mission of our Heaven on Earth experience; therefore, it is imperative to approach life with our Eyes Wide Open, doing our due diligence.

To ARISE from our slumber, mastering our DNA, we must own our truth, understand why, repent, pray, fast if necessary, and then move on in the Spirit of Excellence. How can we move on if it hurts? It is okay to grieve; just do not stay in this place! Get moving and find something to laugh and smile about; it is truly medicine to the soul and a Mark of Leadership.

For The DNA of Diamonds to resonate within the human psyche, we must incorporate a Spiritual check and balance system, doing a check-up from the neck up consistently to ensure the Favorable Power of the Kingdom has our back. Why? We are all different; so, everyone’s step-by-step process will vary from person to person. For this reason, it behooves us to factor in our Divine DNA according to our Divine Blueprint, exposing our hidden Genius.

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