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Are You Ready To Step Into Divine Purpose?

The Hidden Secrets to Gaining the Courage to Unveil Your Destined PURPOSE!

What is your Purpose in life? Do you really know your Purpose in detail? Have you documented your Purpose? Or, better yet, have you taken the time to question your Purpose?

In this book, In PURPOSE on Purpose, it is designed to take you beyond your self-imposed limitations with a Do-It-Yourself Purposeful Business Strategy according to your Divine Blueprint. When unveiling your Destined Purpose, this concept of doing business brings about the true essence of the Hidden Greatness you already possess.

On behalf of R.O.A.R. International Group, we will take you on a Spiritual Journey, laying out Nuggets of Wisdom, guiding you with the hidden Spiritual Principles uncommon to most entrepreneurs.

In addition, we will also unveil how to manifest your Talents, Gifts, Creativity, or Calling into reality, making the intangible tangible. Using this approach allows you to stir up the Gifts from within by training you to ask the right questions or extract the correct information according to the Will of God, not the will of man.

In PURPOSE on Purpose does not ask you to recreate the wheel; it is designed to help get your wheels turning or bring forth the wheel already inside of you. Listen, millions of people have dreams, desires, and goals; yet, due to the lack of ability or know-how, they give up, only to build someone else’s dreams, neglecting their own! Just so we are clear, it is okay to help others; however, you must first build yourself to avoid becoming sidetracked or yoked! From this point on, you will no longer have to position yourself to fail at the wheel of an idea hijacked from someone, lent to you, given to you, or anything that is not of your own because you already possess what you need.

If you are not living up to your full potential or living your dream, you have work to do! If you are clueless about what to do, where to do it, the how-to, and why, this is where we come in to help you fill in the blanks. In PURPOSE on Purpose is designed to help you in a few areas, but not limited to such:

  1. To help you find your Niche.

  2. To give you the Godly Principles of blessing your business.

  3. To help you decide the type of business to set up.

  4. To help you get a Marketing System that works for you.

  5. To give you the Wisdom on How to Work and Sell the desires of your heart.

The power of being who you are is often recognized when you are not ashamed to positively believe in yourself without accepting the normalcy of any type of defeat. You do not have to give up on the gift that God has placed in your heart. If He really placed that dream in your heart, He will make provisions for you, guaranteed. “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread.” Psalm 37:25.

Here is our commitment to you, if you follow the In PURPOSE on Purpose Trail of Wisdom, we PROMISE that you will succeed! It does not matter if you have challenges or obstacles right now; they are considered a TOOL designed to make provisions for you.

The time has come for us to show you how to use your setbacks, challenges, or obstacles to create Win-Wins. Lastly, you are the only one who can leave a Legacy with your unique fingerprint on it!

Simply open your heart, love thy neighbor as you love yourself, listen to God for His nudges, become obedient to His Will and His Way, and allow Him to use you as a Vessel of the Kingdom. We promise He will guide you the rest of the way! So, if you are ready, let us begin this Spiritual Journey together.


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