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Are You Searching For The Right Person For You?

The Secrets To Finding The Right Person For You

Are you a Ride or Die Partner? Or, are you the one who FIZZLES out when the going gets tough?

Regardless of where we are in our relationships, overcoming any form of setback has to become a MINDSET. If not, one will continue to live the same setback repeatedly with different characters without doing anything about it. In the meantime, while the cycle of déjà vu has its way in our lives, it is also zapping our positive, ‘Ride or Die’ characteristics or Christlike Character.

Even if we are on the giving or receiving end of the FIZZLE, the hidden traumas we endure are then turned into conditional or negative habits preventing our Soul Mate from finding or keeping us as a viable option. Unbeknown to most, there is hope in the FIZZLE or drizzle, especially if we are willing to listen, learn, and let go. This book, ‘The Ride or Die Partner,’ opens the mind to the reality of what is going on in a relationship or partnership with the philosophical, sociological, and psychological attributes we are oblivious to or outright ignoring.

According to ‘The Ride or Die Partner,’ our NORM has left room for neglect; especially, when we think everything is all hunky-dory without having to put in any effort or work. While, at the same time, the woman or man on the other end is coming in for the ultimate take-over that we cannot see coming because our reality, pompousness, or selfishness blinds us. How is this possible? They know what to do Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually while making an effort to become BETTER every day, NOT bitter. At the same time, making it their business NOT to fall short in the same areas of our vulnerability or trauma, exhibiting the utmost RESPECT.

But more importantly, we have the nerves to get upset, thinking someone is doing us wrong or looming curses over those we proclaim to love, as we secretly or openly DISRESPECT them! Yet, in our unrest or duress, we have not taken the time to learn, understand, and apply an upgrade to our PEOPLE SKILLS or take care of our homes in a Godly manner. Also, we are too busily blinded by procuring our wants, needs, and desires contradicting the Will and Word of God, causing our perception to become tainted by worldliness and idolatry.

After the Vicissitudes of Life presses us to the max, getting our Spiritual Oil to flow, we will eventually open our eyes to reality. What does this mean for us? With or without virtue or having our needs met, after going through many relationships, we will find that we have a sincere desire for something more than the average run-of-the-mill ‘Ride or Die Partnership or Relationship.’

If the truth is exposed, we often feel like we need or want more than what we have. Why? It is in our nature to become greedy, jealous, or competitive, especially if gratefulness is not established. As a result, we find ourselves separated, getting a divorce, or staying in a broken relationship that has resulted in some form of Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, or Mental Abuse out of FEAR. Yes, although often denied, fear is the primary culprit for us bailing out on people, places, and things challenging us, asking for more or less of us, what calls us out on our habitual nature, what costs more than we are willing to give, or who holds us accountable. By far, unrectified hidden fears contribute to our fight or flight syndrome, plaguing the nation today while providing a platform to tear down instead of building in UNITY.

If one is tearing down his or her own house with their bare hands, this book is a must-have! In this book, you have a phenomenal reservoir of Divine Wisdom to pull from, capturing the heart of your King or Queen. Thus, it is your responsibility to glean as much information as possible to ensure you learn the characteristics of REAL VIRTUE, and why it needs to become used RIGHT NOW!


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