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Do You Have The Desire To Understand Your God-Given Destiny?

The Secrets To Understanding Your God-Given Destiny

Do you feel as if something is missing? Do you feel as if there is more to life?

Well, your ‘Awaited Destiny’ is here and now. If you are ready to transform your life or uncover your uniqueness, the answers you are needing are here to serve you on your way into Greatness. Our life is a series of lessons, blessings, and testings to prepare us for things to come as it relates to our Destiny. Most would think it is far-fetched or an illusion to have our Destiny coach us in ways unknown to those who are Spiritually Blind or Deaf; however, there is POWER in having the Holy Spirit as a Mentor. I am living proof of how the Holy Spirit can and will nurture, guide, protect, and chastise as a means of preparation. As life begins to demand our attention, keep in mind, we are here for a reason, and if we think for a moment that life is all about us, we are sadly mistaken. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, everything you need is already within; so, here is what you will master from this book to extract whatever you need:

· How to invoke the Genius from Within with outright humility.

· How to develop the people skills that will make you effective.

· How to set goals and mind map them.

· How to become proactive.

· How to grow in spite of the criticism.

· How to create a win-win out of everything.

· How to maximize the Fruits of the Spirit.

· How to develop a new, upgraded, and positive mindset.

· How to capitalize on Greatness when properly positioned.

The innovation that we so desire resides in our ability to stretch our imagination to think inside, outside, around, through, over, and under the box. Without a doubt, the process of our way of examination stimulates our imagination in ways that are beyond our human comprehension. I am not here to sugarcoat the truth about the ‘Destiny that Awaits’ us. When we are destined for a certain MISSION in life, the enemy from within will become our biggest contender. If we are not aware Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually, we can become lost in the midst of the happenings of real life. Here is a little SECRET: if one has the ability to read, he or she has the ability to educate himself or herself, period! When it comes down to our burning desires or our ‘Awaited Destiny,” we cannot wait for someone to spoonfeed us. It is our responsibility to never stop learning. As a Spiritual Invitation into your Greatness, let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS. You have received the call, and your ‘Awaited Destiny’ is waiting to take your God-fulfilled desires and Spirit-Filled confidence to the next level. So, let us get started with releasing your Hidden Genius from Within with NO REGRETS.


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