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Do You Understand The Power Of Water In The Kingdom?

The Secrets to understanding our Stolen promises of God

The Water…The Water…The Water…

How Many Times Did I Call Forth The Water?

As the truth behind the legend has it, let the deceived remain deceived as I unleash the Divine Wisdom that brings me HOME to those who were designed to hear the ANCIENTNESS of this long-awaited deprived information. The unveiling of our HIDDEN LEGACY behind the LEGEND will give divine direction on restoring our method of operation to incorporate and reestablish the unprecedented UNITY as God Intended.

Throughout my journey in life, I have come to an understanding we are all brothers and sisters in the Eye of God. As ‘The Water Brings Me Back HOME,’ regardless of how we PLAYER HATE and pretend, we were, and still are, divided on purpose for a time such as this. The oppression of our culture, and playing one race, social class, and status against another is an abomination, keeping us secretly bound in the areas we cover up. We cannot deviate to oppressing, stealing, or slaughtering the legacy of others to please our ego or to make ourselves appear better than we are.

Nothing goes unnoticed by God, and STOLEN LEGACIES must be restored if we do not deviate from worshipping the ONE and ONLY God as we should. If not, we cannot reside in peace—there will be a level of confusion and division. Therefore, it is best to release anything and anyone that does not belong to us.

The moment we deviate to idol worship, it inadvertently delays the restitution or restoration due. Furthermore, there are times we may become cut off or barred from receiving the Promises of God based upon our negative character traits, disobedience, folly, deceptive tactics, or the shedding of innocent blood.

As ‘The Water Brings Me Back HOME,’ I say unto you, “LISTEN!” Yes, listen to my VOICE. You know who you are. You know the Promises of God. And, you knew I would come back to speak to those designed to hear the message of the PROMISES. What promises? The PROMISE of UNITY and PEACE in the land!

The time is here and now. As the WATER runs really, really deep, this is the moment when two things will happen in the Eye of God from a personal and business perspective:

1. We will SET an example for others to follow.

2. We will BECOME the example for others NOT to follow.

We need to begin to search within the depths of our soul to get rid of the hidden secrets of idolatry or hunger for dominant power. As the Oracle of the Most High God speaks, I say unto you, “Do not miss the message!” We are on the brink of extinction; and, I did not go through the atrocities of life for anyone to misconstrue what is designed to liberate us into a Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial freedom beyond human comprehension.

In today’s time, enslavement is real. Just look around, we will find that social media is running our household, and we are losing our children to the predators who prey on the weak and naive. This type of debauchery is quickly declining the reputation of our integrity and trust. Of course, we can sugarcoat how we feel about our Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, or Financial enslavement. But, when it affects our LEGACY, or when we begin to fight against each other, it is time to make a move or make some adjustments, Spiritually Cleansing ourselves, washing away the debauched stains plaguing us or our Bloodline.

This Book is a MUST HAVE…Do not miss out!


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