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Do You Want To Empower Yourself To Contend With The Wiles Of The Enemy?

The Unity Secrets To Spiritual Warfare When Fighting For What Belongs To You.

Spiritual Warfare is REAL! When moving forward in the Spirit of Excellence, the initial question is, ‘Are you properly equipped to fight for what belongs to you?’ Then again, one would ask, ‘Why must we fight?’ Or, better yet, what is the purpose of doing so?

When fighting from the Realm of the Spirit, it is considered a form of contending with the enemy’s wiles. Why? Dream Killers are amongst us, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon! They are on assignment to stifle, distract, or propel us into our destiny with or without our permission; therefore, we must step up to the plate or step down.

Suppose one is not properly equipped with the necessary Spiritual Tools? In this case, people will attempt to place us in a box based on our insecurities, habits, lusts, and weaknesses, especially if we do not evaluate ourselves correctly, doing a check-up from the neck up. Or, if we are unwilling to go toe to toe with the Dream Killers while standing our ground in the Spirit of Peacefulness and Righteousness, we will fall prey to the victim mentality.

Amid Spiritual Combat, if one desires to bring forth their Inner Genius or Greatness, they must think inside, outside, around, over, under, and through the box of life. More importantly, this includes their dreams, as well as their obstacles, leaving no stone unturned. Why must we go to such extremes? We must evaluate or inspect every area of our lives to ensure that we do not have any HIDDEN KRYPTONITE zapping our Personal Power or Spiritual Credibility, giving the dream killer leverage to use against us.

Here is the deal, we can say we have our lives under control publicly, but my purpose is to extract the heart’s private matters blocking the Greatness or the debauchery we cannot talk about to just anyone. Why? What good is a solution if we are clueless about applying it or do not have our Spiritual Armor, right? For this reason, the Step-By-Step Secrets to our Genius Status or Spiritual Combat is within the pages of this book.

Unbeknown to most, it is in our nature to admire the Spiritual Armor of another instead of taking the time to polish our own. From my perspective, this is where I believe we are getting sidetracked, hoping someone would fight our battles for us. When in all actuality, it is our God-Given responsibility to step into the ring to protect our BIRTHRIGHT. Of course, it happens to the best of us, but fighting our own battles, watching our steps, or choosing our circle helps us avoid getting caught up. Yes, caught up with people, places, and things we should be avoiding. For this reason, SELF-AWARENESS is of the utmost importance.

Our Genius from Within is in the NOW, and it is ready to come forth. In this book, I am going to reveal:

· The SECRET Powers from within to revolutionize and protect your life.

· How to counteract negatives with positives, backed up by scripture.

· The Power of Twelve Secrets that are hidden in plain sight.

This book, Dream Killer Combat, will equip you with the Spiritual Tools and understanding needed to advance to Multi-Levels of Greatness, making all things work together for your good, guaranteed!


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