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Do You Want To Love On Your Terms?

The Secrets To Loving On Your Terms!

What is love from your perspective? Or, better yet, are you ready to love on your level? If the answer is ‘yes,’ keep reading. Love Through My Eyes is riddled with the secrets on how to DATE, RELATE, and MATE on any level without sacrificing your integrity or lovability.

The most profound blessing we overlook is the ability to see LOVE clearly while experiencing it WISELY. As we meander through life, doing our own thing, Love Through My Eyes was not only written through my eyes but as a TAG TEAM with the Lenses of God!

Love Through My Eyes is for those new to dating, who want to get rid of the pretense, and who date regularly. In addition, it is also for those who want to build a unique friendship circle and establish a committed relationship with a mate, wife, or partner, similar to what God had in mind from the beginning of time. But, most of all, Love Through My Eyes is written with you in mind, answering the hidden questions we have about quality and unequally yoked relationships with the Writing on the Wall Principles.

Clueless dating or mating must stop! Why? It is simply UNWISE in the Eye of God. As a part of His Divine Creation, you are precious in His sight, and you cannot open yourself up to any and everything. For this reason, I will share how to read the Writing on the Wall to ensure you are not wasting your time or blocking the right person from availing themselves to you.

Once you learn how to read the Writing on The Wall about yourself and others, it will revolutionize your life to the fullest. With these unique, yet DIVINE Principles, they will leave you with an essential supply of WISDOM, taking anyone from zero to hero status in building profound quality relationships and people skills. As a Spiritual Bonus, it contains relational advice, empowering you with a new point of view that is realistic, practical, profound, and proven, making you better, not bitter.

Unknown to most, failure and success are from the same SEED. It is simply a matter of taking responsibility for your actions, reactions, emotions, and thoughts, overcoming your superficial limitations while getting the most out of every SEED, positively.

After reading this book, it will empower you with the ability to leave your impactful stamp on the heart of everyone you come in contact with, guaranteed!

This Book is a MUST HAVE…Do not miss out, get your copy NOW!


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