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Do You Want To Understand The Meaning Of Eternal Life?

Stepping Into My Prayer Closet

Is your life out of control? Are you at your wit’s end, not knowing what to do, which way to turn, who to turn to, or why you are going through what you are going through?

If you have exhausted all of your resources and tried everything to rectify whatever or with whomever, I will say this, ‘You have ONE trump card left.’ Well, the Wailing Prayers To The Deep - Prayer Diary is your Plan B Approach…whatever you are going through, wherever you are going to, and no matter where you are in life…this book will help you. Guaranteed!

Why not Plan A? Realistically, Plan A is ideal for those in Purpose on purpose which can HEAR the Voice of God, Spiritually SEE beyond the natural, and SPEAK the Language of the Kingdom while in a constant State of Repentance or Forgiveness. However, very few make it to this state of being because we are not commonly trained to use the Fruits of the Spirit and Christlike Character consistently. Why not? We must be adequately TESTED and TRAINED by the Holy Trinity to Kingdom Standards.

According to the Heavenly of Heavens, man-made standards will not cut it in the Kingdom. Why? We have too many conditional biases, hindering our walk with God or doing what we are called to do. What does this mean? We must operate with the Mind of Christ instead of becoming self-led with pride, lusts, or idolatry, with all types of rotten fruits, attempting to spoil what is Divine. How do we avoid this behavior? There are many ways due to our differences; however, across the board, we must usher in the Holy Spirit, cover ourselves with the Blood of Jesus, and know the Head Chief in charge beyond a shadow of a doubt, placing Him first in all things.

Although most would prefer Plan A, but Plan B prepares us for Plan A. How is this possible? By far, having a backup plan teaches us how to maneuver amid the Vicissitudes of life, creating a track record of win-wins instead of defeats based upon our perceptional mindset. Even if we think having a backup plan is a lack of faith; yet, according to the Kingdom of Heaven, it builds our STAYING POWER instead, helping us to deal with our own issues. What does this mean? We all have a level of faith in something or someone, but we often do not have STAYING POWER or we avoid the people, places, and things challenging or demanding more of us.

Our maneuverability in thinking, praying, repenting, or asking for guidance on our feet, helps to Mind Map our Spiritual Journey, learning the Voice and Nudges of the Holy Spirit. To be clear, we all have the potential to pick up the Spiritual Nuggets of Wisdom left behind for us to glean. Still, knowing what to pick up or leave behind must be developed before being ushered into the Plan A Platform with Specific and Divine Instructions, similar to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Caleb, Samuel, King David, King Solomon, and all the other profound Prophets before Jesus.

Listen, we have more of a connection to our issues in life than anyone else—so why are we expecting others to fix it, fix us, or fix them? The goal of this book, Wailing Prayers To The Deep - Prayer Diary, is to empower individuals to take their lives by the horn and blow their own trumpet. What does this mean for us? According to our Divine Blueprint, it is imperative to put our bodies under the subjection of the Holy Spirit with the mindset of Fix Me, Teach Me, Help Me, and Show Me, O’Lord.

My written words are just as POWERFUL as my spoken ones; therefore, you do not want to miss out on this Spiritual Movement from the Heavenly of Heavens. Why? The same ANOINTING resides with me are in my Seedful Prayers, granting Divine Access into my Prayer Closet while helping you to help yourself.

As you Wail to the Deep with a repenting heart, my documented prayers will come alive within the depths of your soul as if I were there speaking to you or praying with you. I take nothing for granted, and for this reason, I can guarantee positive change Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually within 40 Days. With this Divine Guarantee, As It Pleases God, for a time such as this, I open up my life to share my Prayer Diary with you as the Deep Calleth Unto The Deep.

Spirit to Spirit, GROW GREAT with your head held high toward the Kingdom of Heaven!


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