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Do You Want To Understand The Power Hidden In Our Seasons?

The Unveiling of the God-Given Secrets to our evolutionary process of change.

The Time is NOW!

Are you searching for meaning? Are you searching for the answers to your dilemma? Are you putting up a wall against change? Are you longing for Purpose, but do not know how to pursue it? Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place? Or, are you waiting for your Season to come or change? But more importantly, are you living in fear? Well, the answers to your most awaited questions are answered in this book, The Power of 4 Seasons.

It is not enough to know WHAT to do about our Seasons—this is the easy part. It is more about the WHY and HOW that keeps us searching for our ‘Awaited Destiny,’ when it is right before our very eyes, hoping we would somehow pay attention, make the right move, or ask the right questions.

The Power of 4 Seasons is designed to help us transform how we perceive change. If one takes the time to invest in themselves with this book, it will focus on:

  1. Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

  2. Learning how to MIND MAP our journey through goal analysis.

  3. Learning how to UNDERSTAND the Spiritual Protocols needed to established discipline.

  4. Learning how to DEAL WITH stress during the transition.

  5. Learning how to OWN and understand our fears.

  6. Learning how to COMMUNICATE with fake people or users.

  7. Learning the Power of Transformational TOOLS as it relates to our ‘Awaited Destiny.’

  8. Learning the reason that we need to bring our DREAMS into reality.

  9. Learning the DIFFERENCE in being blessed, tested, shifted, or properly Seasoned.

  10. Learning how to deal with or ENDURE our secret or open phobias.

  11. Learning how to deal with our PERCEPTION correctly.

  12. Learning how to REGULATE our Level of Wisdom.

For the Seasons we are in or the ones we may face, staying calm is one of the best weapons used in any sort of warfare, imbalance, resistance, or conflict. For this reason, it is our responsibility to squash the out-of-control thoughts and emotions that may put a damper in our way of communicating effectively. Although we may not understand everything, we must think through the answers we give or receive; plus, we must become accountable for how we respond amid all.

When it comes down to our Seasons, we must take action; if not, nothing happens other than missing it. You have come too far to miss out on God’s Provisions for your Vision. Better yet, you have gone through too much to drop the ball, especially when it takes the same amount of energy to run toward your Destiny.

Here is the deal; in or out of your Season, make sure you extract all the information you need out of The Power of 4 Seasons Book Series entitled:

· Destiny Awaits: Phase One

· Destiny Awaits: Phase Two

· Rise Up Genius!

· The Water Brings Me Back Home

· Dream Killer Combat

· How to Make Your Creative Baby Leap

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt this Book Series will help you in ways that will blow your mind, guaranteed. Many Blessings to all.


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