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Spirit to Spirit Documentation As It Pleases God...

To become a MASTER at extracting and converting negatives to positives, you must practice. Of course, you can attempt to do this mentally, but according to the Heavenly of Heavens, once it is documented, you can better reflect on what you have in writing. The Earthen Vessel’s tangible documentation, Spiritually Seals the Kingdom Intangibilities. Why? If you take the time to document in the Realm of the Spirit, you are taken seriously.

Do you think for a minute the Spiritual Writers of the Bible were smarter, better, or wiser than you? Who knows, right? But I will say this; you have the same ACCESS to what they possessed. If not more, especially if you begin to yield to the Spirit to Spirit documentation.

For example, you would not buy a house, car, or something of value without having a contract, right? The same applies in the Realm of the Spirit, WITHOUT documentation, anything goes! Furthermore, we want the Promises of God, but where is the paperwork? We claim God is speaking to us, but where is the documentation? It is our words against our perception or that of another. Then again, we must ask ourselves, ‘What are we doing with the information we are gleaning from the Heavenly of Heavens?

To have this information, I had to document it, getting it out of my head and onto paper or into my Spiritual Journal. In my opinion, it will not do me a bit of good if it remained in my mind or on my brain, nor could I leave a legacy of information without putting pen to paper.

More Importantly, by applying Spiritual Principles and Laws to this information, it became a Spiritual Seal, Tool, Seed, Weapon, and Blessing for myself, my Bloodline, and others. Here is the deal; I started with one word. The one word became a sentence. My sentences became paragraphs. The paragraphs became chapters. The compiled chapters became the books containing the documentation of my Spirit to Spirit alone time. While people laughed at my alone time in the presence of my Heavenly Father, I simply documented my encounters; and now, here we are.

You see, it behooves you to document as well. So what if you cannot write, spell, or whatever, you must at least try, doing your due diligence. Personally, I did not start out writing like this; I just did not give up…I kept documenting and taking notes, developing my Spiritual Vision, Hearing, and Language!

As the Holy Trinity worked through me, the same can happen for you. Therefore, use the charts, and answer the viable questions in the As It Pleases God Spiritual Workbook while documenting in your Spiritual and Gratitude Journals daily. As God Promised, by doing so in this Do It Yourself Program, the exercises are designed to get your mental wheels turning in the right direction, empowering you for the Spiritual Journey ahead.

For the next 40 Days with this Spiritual Program, it is imperative to RECITE this Spirit to Spirit Connecting scripture each day: “My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Psalm 45:1. Why? It helps you connect to your Divine Blueprint as you meditate on the scripture. You will experience a Level of Spirituality by doing so, taking you to the next level of Divine Greatness, guaranteed.


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