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That “Someday I’m going to write a book,” is not going to get it! Your book is right now, in this present moment—it’s inside of you. The most challenging part of writing is getting started! Procrastination is the most dominate dream killer among writers; and, they must find a way to become diligent with their writing capabilities. Most often, writers procrastinate because they really have a hidden fear of failure. However, in the midst of any fear, the ability to write is not about who is the smartest, who is the most educated, who is the richest, where you came from, where you live, etc.; it is about who is the most DISCIPLINED! This is indeed what brings about the Writing Genius from within. 

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More Books.png
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1 The Power of 4 Seasons
5 The Water Brings Me Back Home
Spiritual Gold 2020
Wailing Prayers to the Deep
The Coporate Hustle
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Bootylicious Body
Writing Genius Book
In PURPOSE on Purpose Book
The Ride or Die Partner Book
Questionable Moments
Love Through My Eyes Book
The DNA of Diamonds
2 Destiny Awaits Phase One
3 Destiny Awaits Phase Two
4 Rise Up Genius
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Writing Genius.png

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