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The WHY behind our AIPG Bone of My Bone Products


Our AIPG (As It Pleases God) Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt is the perfect way to show your dedication to self-improvement and the desire to reach your planned or newly found goals.  With our comfortable and stylish designs, you can use them to build yourself Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually, or it can become a great way to remind yourself that you are capable and worthy of GREATNESS.  


This stylish hoodie is designed to help you stay comfortable while you work on your personal growth.  Its lightweight fabric and soft cotton interior provide the perfect combination of comfort and style.  Wear it as a reminder to stay focused on your dreams and to build the highest and best version of yourself.  Or, you can wear it to the gym, your job, or while out and about, living your best life.  No matter where you go, thi