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Are you ready to build your life, As It Pleases God?  Are you ready to engage in a DIY project of building yourself from the inside out?  Are you ready to design your life brick by brick?  Are you ready to expand your creativity beyond measure?  Are you ready for Divine GREATNESS?  As I introduce Build Your Own Table, no one can ever leave you behind, nor can they remove you,  exclude you, or ban you from the table.  Really?  Yes, really! 


No one has the Divine Instructions to your Predestined Blueprint outside of you and God Almighty.  In this book, I will show you how to Build Your Own Table brick by brick, As It Pleases God to help you Spiritually Download the Divine Instruction for the Artistry of Greatness from within your loins.  However, you must read The WHY Blueprint to develop the foundation before laying the bricks.  Why?  Your bricks are only as strong as the foundation; therefore, in solidarity with yourself, do it As It Pleases God, not as it pleases yourself.


What if we do not have a clue about building tables?  According to the Heavenly of Heavens, whatever you need is already!  Your duty is to become a work-in-progress doing your due diligence in innovatively preparing your own table instead of gleaning or eating from another man’s table.  After completing The WHY Blueprint, Build Your Own Table, and Storming The Brain books, you should never have to beg for a seat.  Why?  Unbeknown to most, a Spiritual Seal is associated with it: “A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.”  Proverbs 18:16.  Nevertheless, you must KNOW and UNDERSTAND how this Spiritual System works, As It Pleases God.


From the Ancient of Days, this Divine Craftmanship has been available to you since the BEGINNING; however, you must know how to bring it forth, As It Pleases God.  Why?  Spiritual Rules and Laws govern your Spiritual Gifts, Calling, Creativity, Talents, and Purpose, and you must know what they are.  If not, you will place kryptonite in your functionality, expecting others to do what you are unwilling to do for yourself.  Then again, you may find yourself playing the blaming game, accepting zero responsibility for your deficits while picking up deplorable habits, thoughts, and beliefs.  In this book, you will learn:


  • How to Spiritually Build with what you already have in your hands.
  • How to Spiritually Download from the Heavenly of Heavens.
  • How to Spiritually Develop your mind-eye coordination.
  • How to Spiritually Sustain yourself in the enemy’s camp.
  • How to Spiritually Master the Fruits of the Spirit.
  • How to Spiritually Build according to your Predestined Blueprint.
  • How to Spiritually Create win-wins from seemingly lose-lose situations, circumstances, or events.
  • How to Spiritually Understand the Divine Vision, Passion, and Blueprint hidden within.
  • How to Spiritually Transform from where you are to your NEXT.
  • How to Spiritually Express yourself without shame, regret, or dismay.



Build Your Own Table is written with you in mind, helping you to help yourself.  If you dare to embark upon your Spiritual Journey, As It Pleases God, I guarantee it will improve or change the trajectory of your life.  Without a measure of doubt, there is a catch…You must be willing to INVEST in yourself based on proven results.  I have been where you are, and I am here to SHARE what I have learned on my Spiritual Journey, holding nothing back, solving problems, and getting Divine Results, step-by-step and Spirit to Spirit. 


From me to you, do not miss this Divine Movement! 

Build Your Own Table

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