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Are you feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions?  Do you want to learn how to overcome negativity and live a happier, more positive, and fulfilled life?  If so, you are not alone.  Many people struggle with negativity, especially in today’s challenging world, dealing with the naysayers.  But the GOOD NEWS is that you can change your mindset and develop a more optimistic outlook, As It Pleases God, without becoming the victim of the fox-in-the-hole mentality.  For this reason, this book, Foxes Have Holes Within, has the SECRETS to getting people out of your head as you become greater, stronger, and wiser, doing what you were called to do. 


For a time such as this, I will share how to overcome negativity, As It Pleases God, with the best practices in positive psychology and personal development.  You will learn how to cultivate a positive mindset and attitude that will help you face challenges with faith, optimism, courage, and astuteness.  In addition, you will also learn how to develop resilience, compassion, forgiveness, and a growth mindset, enabling you to cope with stress, adversity, and failure like a champion.  


Moreover, I will show you how to unlock your full potential and make a positive difference in the world by harnessing the power of positive affirmations and the Word of God.   By applying these principles and strategies, you can transform your life, rewire your brain for success and fulfillment, and achieve your highest potential as a Child of God.


According to the Heavenly of Heavens, you have the power to transform your life, but you need the right mindset, know-how, how-to, and strategies to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may come your way.  After reading this book, you will have the opportunity to share your newfound wisdom, understanding, and insights with others, inspiring them to follow their dreams and goals as you are.  


The bottom line is that you have what it takes; therefore, do not let anyone or anything stop you from UNVEILING your Divine Blueprint, As It Pleases God.  Lastly, you cannot afford not to have a copy of Foxes Have Holes Within; it will change your life allowing you to outfox the fox, guaranteed!

Foxes Have Holes Within

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