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Pleasing God may not be our cup of tea, but in the Eye of God, it is unmistakably our PORTION to Spiritually Seal our reason for being.  What is our PORTION?  It is the Spiritual Rationing, Inheritance, or Reflection of using Patience, Obedience, Repentance, Teachability, Integrity, Overcoming, and Nurturing as a Wave Offering, utilizing the Holy Trinity, As It Pleases Him.  All of these build our FAITH in God, ourselves, and others, allowing us to be who we are and others to be who they are without manipulating people, places, and things to cater to our agenda. 


Why is PORTIONING so important when learning How To Please God?  Most of us do not know our reason for being, only going with the flow to fit in or avoid becoming outcasts.   At the same time, having NO Gift, Calling, Talent, Creativity, or Purpose to use as a Wave Offering or Spiritual Tool for Him to feed His sheep.  Nor do we present them as a Sweet Aroma memorializing gratefulness or workability.  Here is what we must know: “Then the priest shall take from the grain offering a memorial portion, and burn it on the altar.  It is an offering made by fire, a sweet aroma to the LORD.” Leviticus 2:9.  Although this is in the Old Testament, it has not lost its power or potency; we simply must learn how to use it according to today’s standards from God’s Divine Perspective.  Why?  “For the LORD’s portion is His people; Jacob is the place of His inheritance.” Deuteronomy 32:9.


Not approaching God, As It Pleases Him, we miss out on our BIRTHRIGHT, subjecting ourselves to a cycle of déjà vu and aloofness, coming to Him empty-handed, begging for everything, or having a pity party.  Although it is well hidden from others, we wander around confused, not saying a mumbling word to anyone to protect our image or to avoid negative labels. 


Knowing what we are designed to do, As It Pleases God, leads to fewer disappointments, shattered dreams, lost hope, or playing the blaming game.  On the other hand, it can also usher us into self-discovery, fulfillment, Double Portions, and Divine Opportunities aligning with our Predestined Blueprints amid our idiosyncrasies, hidden traumas, or underlying uniqueness.  What does this mean for us in the Eye of God?  We do not need to be perfect, just usable.


The goal of this book is to usher you into a Spirit to Spirit Relationship with your Heavenly Father.  Why?  It is designed to help you download SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS or DETAILS according to your Divine Blueprint with an UNDERSTANDING.  However, before doing so or manifesting, you must acquire the vital strategies outside your ordinary prayer and worship sessions, making it personal and intentional, As It Pleases God.   With this approach to personal development, you can gain Divine Access from the Heavenly of Heavens that most can only dream about having, enabling Divine Intervention and Alignment to work on your behalf and in your favor.   If this book has made it into your hands or your presence, reach your hand out to me as we do this TOGETHER as ONE TEAM with a PROMISE that you will never be or think the same again.

How To Please God

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