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Do you want to become creative?  Do you have a desire to collaborate on another level?  Are you ready to bring your hidden innovations into reality?  Are you downplaying your ideational concepts, ideas, or thoughts with mediocrity?  Are you ready to put pen to paper regarding what you envision?  Storm Your Brain is here to give you a ONE-UP, As It Pleases God, making you better, stronger, and wiser with a Spiritual Advantage to bring answers, solutions, and resolve to whatever and with whomever.


To Storm Your Brain correctly, and As It Pleases God, as a prerequisite,  it is imperative to build the foundation by reading The WHY Blueprint first and the Build Your Own Table, secondly.  Why?  We must have a solid foundation and a stable, bricked table to put pen to paper effectively, especially when engaging in divergent and convergent thinking to bridge the gap interdependently with our Heavenly Father.  If we do not know WHO we are and WHY, our foundation will not be solid, putting straws in our building blocks.  What is the big deal, even if we are pulling for straws?  Proverbs 25:28 says: “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” 


What affects the walls destabilizes the foundation and vice versa, and this is usually where the enemy will place hidden straw to trip us up due to the lack of understanding or know-how.  Therefore, if we follow this Divine System, we leave no room for instability Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, or Spiritually, causing all else to work itself out.  More importantly, we must know the difference; even if it means charting, mind mapping, or road mapping our progress, we have the rules, tools, exercises, and documentation to do so.  With Storming Your Brain, here is what you will learn:


  • How to become creative, imaginative, productive, and effective.
  • How to force your brain to YIELD for personal growth and the greater good.
  • How to invoke helpful thoughts, answers, and queries.
  • How to master your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs, leaving no stone unturned.
  • How to reverse engineer your thoughts, desires, actions, words, or whatever with positivity.
  • How to solve problems effectively through the process of documentation.
  • How to document your Spirit to Spirit Conversations with your Heavenly Father.
  • How to open your mind to download and receive Divine Instructions from the Heavenly of Heavens.
  • How to unveil your Divine Blueprint of authenticity with purposeful action.
  • How to understand your Talents, Gifts, Calling, Creativity, Purpose, and Passion.
  • How to develop your people skills, As It Pleases God with intentionality.
  • How to use the Fruits of the Spirit and behave Christlike for yourself, others, and the Kingdom of God.
  • How to obtain and sustain a Spiritual Seal, As It Pleases God for feeding His sheep.



The Spiritual Empowerment you need is already within you.  However, you must know and understand the correct Spiritual Triggers to invoke GREATNESS,  and the worldly or human triggers holding it back.   Remember, your way is not necessarily God’s; therefore, you must know His Divine Ways and align yours accordingly.  If not, you may metaphorically find yourself in a cycle of déjà vu, treading the mill like Samson in the Book of Judges chapters 13-16.  How so?  Simply put, you may inadvertently battle with Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual blindness due to pompousness, disobedience, abuse of power, a moment of weakness, submerged betrayal, or undeniable shame.   Even if you feel exempt from this process, everyone will experience it; therefore, you must know what to do and why you are doing it.


With Storming Your Brain, you have the information, instructions, and charts to defy the odds, so use them as the icing on the cake for The WHY Blueprint and Build Your Own Table.  Now that you have this Divine Contribution from the Heavenly of Heavens, it is time to GROW GREAT in the Spirit of Excellence.

Storm Your Brain

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