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Who hurt you?  Are you dealing with unforgiveness?  Are you battling with underlying church or relational hurt?  Do you get offended easily by those appearing above or beneath you?  Are you feeling betrayed by those you give your all to?  Is it hard to control your anger?  Are you grieving from some form of loss, rejection, or setback?


When our hurt turns into hate, we must do something about it!  Yet, the first step in doing so is to recognize the emotions associated.  And the second step is to pinpoint the underlying root cause of whatever, with whomever, without lying to ourselves.  When we do not understand what feelings we are dealing with, we grandfather in the feelings of the people around us, creating an insatiable internal ITCH that must be tamed As It Pleases God.  If we overlook these two factors, we leave inventorial room for something else.


Taming the Unquenchable Itch is designed to spread a Swig of Honey to satiate the awful taste left by the Vicissitudes of Life, turning the ‘hurt people hurt people’ cliché into one saying, ‘healed people heal others, As It Pleases God.’


We do not need to be perfect; we must operate with a work-in-progress positive mindset focused on creating a win-win situation from the inside out, and I will show you how!


Listen, GREATNESS wins, As It Pleases God, especially when our Blueprinted Purpose is involved, and when established from small beginnings with developed maturity and humility.  The Greatness, Goodness, Exceptionalism, and Power of God are at our beckoning call; will you use them, As It Pleases Him?  If so, let us go deeper…

Taming the Unquenchable Itch - eBook

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