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If your past could speak, what would it say?  If your present could speak, what would it say?  If your future could speak, what would it say?  These are some questions you must ask yourself when dealing with the Ancient Wisdom of God in the Book of Psalms. 


As you meander through life, having an ITCH you cannot scratch is one of the worst feelings you could ever experience.  Still, when it comes down to having an ITCH from within the human psyche, what do you do?  Who do you run to?  How do you explain the feeling?  Well, The Psalms Doctor reveals the secrets of how to deal with Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual woes you cannot discuss with anyone.   The stories in this book will rock your world, opening your eyes to reality but also helping you build a foundation, As It Pleases God.


The Psalms Doctor is a powerful book, and it works!  It is our SPIRITUAL PSYCHIATRIST who has been hidden from those who are caught up in living life, letting the chips fall where they may.  To ensure you get precisely what you want, need, and deserve out of life or to heal correctly, you must learn how to pray for it effectively, As It Pleases God. 


Learning how to use the Book of Psalms in conjunction with our daily prayers invokes the Power of the Holy Spirit to release the WISDOM of our past, present, and future.  Amid the Cycles and Vicissitudes of Life, Ancient Wisdom is designed to make all things work together for our good, especially if we believe in the power HIDDEN within the Book of Psalms.  What if we do not believe?  We have free will to incorporate or decline The Psalms Doctor.  But let me ask this question, ‘How is your internal and external life working for you?’


We must Spiritually Till our own ground on this journey, and no one can walk it out for us.  Why?  We have the Divine Details of our Predestined Blueprint hidden within us from our Heavenly Father.  What does this mean?  Our destiny depends upon the choices we make or the lack thereof; thus, if we have the desire to overcome, rebound, and triumph over the trials we are destined to have, As It Pleases God; we must add Him into the equation.


What can The Psalms Doctor do for us?  It helps our lives ensue a stream of peace unknown to the natural man, unless the Ancient Wisdom of the Holy Spirit is involved.  This powerful tool helps us to lean not to our own understanding, developing faith to allow blessings to follow us, along with a Supernatural Covering, putting our enemies at bay.


We do not need a degree to have an effective prayer; all we need is the right tools to enable favor and grace to fall upon our prayers, As It Pleases God.  This book will change the trajectory of your life, taking you from the background to the forefront with a Positive Mindset, breaking yokes, chains, and soul ties, GUARANTEED!

The Psalms Doctor

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