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Are you questioning WHY you exist?  Are you searching for purpose?  Are you seeking truth amid the lies?  Have you lost a sense of who you are?  Are you seeking freedom, joy, or happiness from within?  The WHY Blueprint has you covered.  You will no longer need to run around clueless; the ANSWERS you need are within the pages of this book.


In the As It Pleases God Movement, The Why Blueprint lays the foundation for the following books: Build Your Own Table and Storm Your Brain.  According to the Heavenly of Heavens, we must produce a solid foundation of Biblical Knowledge, Understanding, and Principles to help deal with real life and contend with the secret war from within.   


Through or amid our secrets or idiosyncrasies, they do not need to become our downfall, nor should they cause us to spoil our own fruits due to the lack of understanding or knowledge.  According to the Ancient of Days, we must know WHAT to do and HOW to extract the HIDDEN WISDOM from within all things, good, bad, or indifferent.  


As long as we know the Rules To The Game, it will always help us find HOME Base amid whatever or whomever.  In this book, you will discover:


  • How to avoid or deal with your Blueprinted Hinderances.
  • How to obtain the Fresh Oil Anointing from the inside out.
  • How to Reverse Engineer your life, thoughts, beliefs, desires, words, traumas, and emotions.
  • How to develop a SEEDED Mindset to GROW GREAT with your Gifts, Calling, Talents, and Creativity.
  • How to engage in Closing the Divide by putting on the Whole Armor of God, As It Pleases Him.
  • How to Overcome Insecurity once and for all, causing everything to work together for your good.
  • How to develop The Lord Will Provide Mindset to eliminate worry, doubt, fear, and anger and replace them with confidence, faith, hope, courage, understanding, and the Fruits of the Spirit.



The WHY Blueprint will not disappoint!  If you are ready to revolutionize your life, help me to help you master Doctoring The WHY of your life.  What does this mean?  Aside from God Almighty, no one else can doctor on you better than you!  Why?  Outside of your Heavenly Father, you know yourself better than anyone else; therefore, you already possess the answers to your questions, healing, understanding, breakthroughs, and Divine Blueprint. 


My job as Dr. Y. Bur is to guide you in the right direction while aligning and confirming what you already know.  More importantly, it is to UNVEIL the VEILED for a time such as this with guaranteed results of Divine Illumination. 

The WHY Blueprint Journal

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