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The Secrets of Mastering the Winning Edge


Do you have a desire to be on the Winning Edge?  Do you feel as if there is more to who you are?  Do you want to discover the real you? 


If you feel as if you have Seeds of Greatness hidden under a pile of rocks, with little or no illumination…well, this Book, The Win-Win of Divine Greatness, has what you have been waiting for.  It brings you out of your old mindset into a renewed, positive, and prosperous State of Mind from the core of your being, exposing your Seeds of Greatness to the proper Light and Spiritual Nutrition.


In achieving the desires of your heart, you will have different wants, needs, desires, values, and conflicts, making the art of relational communication an ongoing process.   For this reason, with this Book, The Win-Win of Divine Greatness, you must up the ante on your ability to create a Win-Win situation when others see defeat.  


Now, if you think you can do it on your own, have at it!  Whereas, I have been in this game for quite some time.  So, I know how things can change at the drop of a dime, going all the way to the left, especially when Spiritually Ungoverned.   Nevertheless, according to the Heavenly of Heavens, here is what you can glean from this Book:


  • How to properly position yourself in any situation according to Kingdom Principles.
  • How to extract your Gifts, Calling, Talents, Purpose, and Creativity according to your Divine Blueprint.
  • How to sow good seeds, blessing your future harvests.
  • How to deal with and maneuver through any situation, embracing the Win-Win every time.
  • How to demonstrate maturity amid any form of triggers or conflict.
  • How to make Kingdom Principles work on your behalf.
  • How to Mind Map anything and with anyone through self-examination.
  • How to begin again, especially in unfavorable conditions.
  • How to confidently make smart moves.
  • How to develop your Mental Muscles, thinking yourself through any given situation.
  • How to maximize your Platform of Greatness, rising to the TOP.
  • How to become proactively diligent, learning from your strengths and weaknesses.



After years of preparation, the goal is to Spiritually Unveil the Divine Truth hidden in the core of your being.   By doing so, it develops your Spiritual Maturity, keeping you from getting sideswiped by the kryptonic pull of lies and deception, having the potential to block your shine or sabotage your Platform of Greatness.  But no more…the Spiritual Tools you need are hidden within the pages of this Book, The Win-Win of Divine Greatness. 


Henceforth, if you want it, you have to come get it!  The Win-Win is in the palm of your hand, and if you drop the ball or make the wrong move, you cannot lay the blame elsewhere, especially when the Heavenly of Heavens has placed it on a silver platter. 


Now, if this Book has found you…I am speaking directly to you.  Yes, you!

The Win-Win of Divine Greatness

  • It takes 10-14 Business Days for Delivery.

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