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Are You Ready To Embrace The Body Of Your Queen From Within?

The Secrets to Perfecting the Body of a Queen!

Hello Bootylicious Queen, are you ready to own your Unique Temple?

This book unleashes the true expression of The Bootylicious Bodies of yesterday, today, and forever. Who does not want to embrace their Bootyliciousness, right?

When your butt is popping, do you think for a minute people are not looking? Well, think again. The body of a Bootylicious Queen is often misunderstood and underestimated based upon man-made standards. But let me say this, regardless of superficial standards, misconceptions, or biases, people are LOOKING, especially when it comes down to a Bootylicious Body!

If you are a Bootylicious Queen and have hidden pain underneath the extra weight, this book is for you. Now is the time to shed the extra pounds with no shame attached. So what if you have gotten off track, so what if you have gotten older, so what if people are whispering about your weight gain, so what, so what, so what! What matters is what you THINK about yourself, period.

On behalf of the Motherland, I am here to share information that will rock your world. To be clear, these unprecedented secrets are not new; they are just profound for this type of Woman of Choice. When you cultivate the willpower to overcome excuses, you are well on your way to getting your body back, polishing up your curves, or restoring the confidence needed to own the Queenship of your Divine Temple.

This book has the ideal meal plans to help you maintain or trim down to bring forth what is already. How is this possible? From a Spiritual Perspective, our bodies have a Queenship System of Conveyance from the Beginning of Time that must be tapped into. Why is this so important? Thick is IN…Sexy is IN…The Bootylicious Queens are IN, and a Bootylicious Body is RELEVANT!

From this day forward, by Divine Decree, I call forth the Queen from within…

These Spiritual Trauma Loss Secrets are straight from the Motherland, eliminating the contributing factors of weight gain or hidden truths about our WHY! How we see ourselves, how we see life, how we see anything determines our perception. If our perception is off, rest assured we will struggle with discipline, diligence, patience, esteem, strength, security, weight issues, and a thwarted point-of-view. Yet, amid all, hope is still available.

One of the best-kept SECRET KEYS to The Bootylicious Body is Spiritual INSIGHT.

The Spiritual Principles wrapped with the NATURAL ELEMENTS of the BUSH CONCEPT helps with a renewed mindset. When you cultivate the willpower to overcome excuses, you can rebound from people, places, and things that may have gotten you temporarily off track.

If this book has found you, you are indeed a Bootylicious Queen. And, it is my reasonable service to share this Divine Information with you, ensuring you can live the healthy lifestyle of your Queenship.

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