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Are You Ready To Plan Your Day?

Distractions will come and go; however, amid the Vicissitudes of Life, you must become a good steward over your time. Why? You will tend misuse it or allow others to interject demands with allotting a specific time for whatever or whomever.

Inside your Daily Journal you can keep track of your:

· Mood.

· Daily schedule.

· To do list.

· Exercise.

· Goals.

· Appointments.

· Notes.

According to the Heavenly of Heavens, a well-documented day helps bring forth Divine Order and Balance, knowing What, When, Where, How, Why, and with Whom to do or not to. Here is the deal; your daily repertoire leads you in two ways:

1. Toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

2. Away from the Kingdom of Heaven.

If your day is not documented, how is it possible to determine what’s what? Or, who is whom? All in all, As It Pleases God, you are one or the other when it comes down to how you spend your time:

1. You are your best advocate.

2. You are your worst critic.

Unbeknown to most, they can BOTH work for or against you based upon your PERCEPTION. The best way to determine one or the other is to DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT for the As It Pleases God ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Spiritually Tilling Workshop or Program. Why? Most often, how you spend your time or the lack of it will sometimes determine your Gifts, Calling, Talents, and Creativity. However, if it not captured on paper, it can become overlooked or revealed by those operating with the Spiritual Eye of God from the Heavenly of Heavens.


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