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Do You Want To Become Really Creative?

The Secrets To Stir Up The Gifts From Within

Do you have a problem with your CREATIVITY? Has it become difficult for you to get your mental sparks flowing? Well, here is your chance to learn the Truth about the CREATIVITY that lies WITHIN.

Self-analysis is a crucial element of our genuine Expression of Greatness. If we cannot see ourselves first, it is a great possibility we see others incorrectly based on our Thwarted Perception or State of Denial. More importantly, if we worry too much and become restless, doubtful, or impatient, they will all impact our Level of Creativity without realizing it. However, with this form of Spiritual Blindness, Deafness, or Muteness, we must understand that it happens to all of us from time to time, stagnating our Gifts instead of stirring them. Above all, the key is to know what to do when this happens and why!

When stirring up the Gifts from Within or capitalizing on making your Creative Baby Leap, you must be willing to do a few things, but not limited to such:

· You must be willing to Learn.

· You must be willing to Set Goals.

· You must be willing to Strategize.

· You must be willing to Develop Plans.

· You must be willing to Journal.

· You must be willing to Share.

· You must be willing to Relax.

Realistically, this appears straightforward, right? But why are so many of us missing the mark or lacking Creativity? It is not like we do not know what to do...we are just having a hard time with the implementation phase. Why is this the case for most? Well, we are distracted because we spend most of our time paying attention to someone else’s life. Most often, we will not admit it...but the Truth remains, we are in a constant State of Envy, Jealousy, Coveting, and Competitiveness.

To maximize ‘The Secrets to Stir up the Gifts from Within,’ on behalf of the Holy Spirit, let us talk woman to woman or man to man. First and foremost, the Spirit of God does not want us to miss out on this prolific information, guiding us to the Genius Within. Secondly, we must understand that our Creative Baby goes into hiding when we consume our lives with showboating. Listen, by trying to prove ourselves worthy in the eyes of man, it zaps our ingenuity; whereas, becoming worthy in the Eye of God in the Spirit of Righteousness opens the GATEWAY to our Creativity.

If we live our lives out of purpose, we should not try to prove ourselves to anyone but the one missing the mark or the ONE who created it from within! If this is you, keep reading with a straight face. Why? Your Creative Baby is calling your name.

When you redirect your focus to PURPOSE, you will have less time attempting to please others and more time providing a service or solving problems. By doing so, it feeds and helps your Creative Baby to Leap into Greatness. Here are a few needed characteristics on this Creative Journey, but not limited to such:

· You will need Humility.

· You will need Servanthood.

· You will need Self-control.

· You will need Diligence.

· You will need Love.

· You will need Wisdom.

· You will need Passion.

By exhibiting these characteristics, you will find that you not only become effective, but you will also be able to mentor on a level that will create a Legacy of Impact. So, if you are ready for your Creative Baby to LEAP, let us take this Spiritual Journey together without further ado.


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