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What Does The Matrix Of Our Character Have To Do With Us?

The Secrets on How to Build Godly Character in the Matrix!

Do you know where your ‘Spiritual Gold’ lies?

Spiritual Gold 2020’ is unveiling the information needed to bring the evolutionary time-sensitive data to prepare us for a time such as this. Of course, we have all types of books with great information at our fingertips. Yet, with this book, on behalf of the Spiritual Unction of the Holy Spirit, we will UNVEIL a few Spiritual Truths. Doing so will revolutionize our lives in such a way that it will positively impact our LEGACY for generations to come, as well as those we come in contact with daily.

The goal of ‘Spiritual Gold 2020’ is to answer the ‘WHY’ questions related to our Spiritual Matrix from within. In addition, we will also share specific Spiritual Instructions, Rules, and Principles designed to speak to the CORE of our being to AWAKEN it.

As we look at our present condition, can we see our ‘Spiritual Gold,’ or are we searching elsewhere for it? The question or the answer we are searching for remains within the Spiritual Blueprint of our Hidden Power of Greatness. With or without our accolades, if we dare to take a journey within, we will find that we possess everything we need for the God-Given Mission lying ahead of us. However, there is a catch. From a Spiritual Perspective, to maximize our Greatest Potential, our character needs to align in retrospect to our ‘Spiritual Gold’ to build the confidence and courage needed to embark upon our Legacy from Within.

What will you gain from ‘Spiritual Gold 2020?’ Words of Velvet…Words of Wisdom…Words of Authority…Words of Conviction…Words of Power. This book is designed to help you get out of your own way, by sharing the information needed to bring forth the desires of your heart without having to sacrifice your soul to get it.

As you are faced with your ‘New Normal,’ what is going to change for you?

The ‘Good old days’ are long gone; it is time to step up to the plate to bring forth the double-portion of the REAL YOU from a positive platform. The power of owning our truth is our ‘Secret Gold’ we overlook consistently; yet, it is so powerful in providing a platform to step up to the next level of life. Now, if we think for a minute that life does not have levels, then think again.

From a Spiritual Perspective, our ‘Gold’ is hidden underneath levels or layers of debris, similar to grade levels, levels of petroleum, thermostat levels, levels of earth, and so on, allowing us to come forth as the Divine Purity of Righteousness from within. Just keep in mind, in this process, the moment we think we have arrived, life is designed to make a liar out of us. But all is not lost if we learn the secrets to unearthing the ‘Spiritual Gold’ hidden in 2020 and beyond.

In this book, we will learn:

  • How to examine ourselves thoroughly to create a win-win.

  • How to recognize and break negative cycles.

  • How to reverse the man-made negatives to Spiritual Positives in the Eye of God.

  • How to break the Spirit of Manipulation.

  • How to extract the ‘Spiritual Gold’ hidden in the people, places, and things designed to drive us insane.

  • How to prepare ourselves to ‘GROW GREAT.’

  • How to develop robust and effective People Skills, while correcting our hidden biases.

  • How to discover our PURPOSE and pursue it with the Mind of Christ with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  • How to develop the know-how or the how-to needed to possess the Promises of God.

  • How to become crystal-clear about the desires of the heart.

  • How to form great habits, thoughts, and motives.

  • How to become our BEST SELF with great Christ-like Character.

Each chapter will create a systematic process on how to permeate your life with the ‘Spiritual Gold’ of your BIRTHRIGHT, propelling you into your Destiny Enriched Provisions hidden in your very own Matrix of Greatness. Listen, the ‘Spiritual Gold’ of your ‘WHY’ is within the pages of this book.

Please do not wait any longer; it is designed to prepare you for the journey ahead while helping you reverse the negativity, traumas, or hindrances blocking you.

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